TopOPPS: A Dynamic Sales Forecasting Assistant

Jim Eberlin, Founder & CEO
To build an efficient sales delivery pipeline, businesses look at sales forecasting to map and streamline the process. Sales forecasting depends upon sufficiency of data and an eye for detail. To make more time for critical sales analysis, businesses need an assistant that automates manual tasks such as data entry. Businesses are progressing towards automation to save valuable time of their employees, allowing them to focus more on building good sales pipeline and sales forecasting. TopOPPS, a sales solutions provider, offers its sales assistant in helping representatives to sell faster and more diligently using automation, artificial intelligence, and guided selling. TopOPPS’ solution allows sales reps to gain more visibility into the sales pipeline and win more deals. “We are shifting the sales game from sales forecasting to a game of winning and revenue certainty, by increasing win rates, reducing sell cycles and enabling sales reps to handle more opportunities,” says Jim Eberlin, CEO of TopOPPS.

TopOPPS sales assistant improves CRM data accuracy by up to 400 per cent and can be easily integrated with Gmail and Outlook, for email and calendar interactions. TopOPPS assistant is fully automated and created for following every step of the sales team; hence, the data collection is a by-product of their daily activities. TopOPPS assistant has a native mobile application which functions in real-time. For example, a sales representative who just concluded a client meeting can use a voice note through this mobile application and begin the sales data capture. From here on, management can view the data, analyze it, and convey their appropriate response back to the sales representative using TopOPPS assistant data. This mobile application helps the sales team in data collection, along with constructing a streamlined delivery pipeline.

TopOPPS offers an intuitive and visual sales pipeline that allows an intricate analysis of even the most convoluted data. TopOPPS’ AI integration throughout the sales process helps in calculating the health of the opportunity, analyzes the performance of the sales representative, and suggests the next steps in the sales process.

We are shifting the sales game from sales forecasting to a game of winning and revenue certainty, by increasing win rates, reducing sell cycles and enabling sales reps to handle more opportunities

TopOPPS’ AI uses the past sales details from the CRM system to understand patterns in the sales journey. Further, TopOPPS’ sales assistant integrates with Outreach to understand the sales pattern and recommend appropriate Outreach sequences to guide winning strategies. This prescriptive and predictive AI of TopOPPS guides the sales representative through the optimal sales process, triggering Outreach sequences, shortening the sales cycle and increasing forecast accuracy.

By collaborating with ZoomInfo’s buyer database, TopOPPS tracks the buyer team by automatically analyzing the opportunities, and also ensuring the representatives contact the right member with accurate details. Another collaboration with Xactly, an incentive compensation solution, helps the finance team to understand the monetary impact of the sales pipeline and also forecast commission expense. This way, the management is notified about high probable opportunities, along with the compensation that has to be spent.

Interestingly, the usage of TopOPPS sales assistant has proven to improve sales opportunity by 19 per cent, improves the revenue by 58 per cent, and reduces the sales cycle by up to 59 per cent, as per a recent survey conducted by a university in Saint Louis. “We know we are having a positive impact on our customers, but it is nice to see the value confirmed,” comments Eberlin. Overall, TopOPPS is the complete assistant for the sales team, its representatives, and a catalyst to the CRM tool of the enterprise.


Saint Louis Area, MO

Jim Eberlin, Founder & CEO

Based in Saint Louis Area, Missouri, TopOPPS is known for providing clarity, efficiency and predictability to the sales forecast, sales pipeline, and the sales process, which can result in faster sales cycles. The team at TopOPPS provides the clients' sales executives with a dynamic forecast showing what deals are real and how they can fill the gaps to meet their sales target. Sales representatives are provided with the right guidance on the sales process. TopOPPS predictive analytics helps transform sales pipeline confusion into sales pipeline reality