Tornos: Revolutionising Tooling Operations through Swiss Innovation

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Naiane Nunes, General Manager
Manufacturing organisations are moving towards Industry 4.0 with the skyrocketing adoption of automation, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI), among other technologies. Manufacturers that produce highly specific machine parts and components are now seeking CNC (computer numerical control) Swiss lathe machines to support their move toward innovation and enable unmatched operator precision and production efficiencies.

A trusted and proven provider of end-to-end Swiss-type machining tools built for manufacturing intricate parts with high precision and speed, Moutier-headquartered Tornos is playing a pivotal role in helping manufacturers progress in their journey toward Industry 4.0. Its extensive product line comprises Swiss-type sliding headstock lathes, multi-spindle bar milling tools, and dedicated software that allows designers to manufacture complex components in a consolidated way using a single machine.

“We develop tools designed to mass-manufacture precise, complex, and high-quality parts. Today, we are the go-to partners for many production firms looking to develop new products, solve production problems, or innovate better solutions,” says Naiane Nunes, General Manager of Tornos Group.

Founded in 1904, Tornos is a pioneer in Swiss-type lathe development, serving various markets as an innovator for nearly 120 years. Over the years, it has established a proven track record of consistently meeting ever-evolving client needs with a growing product set that facilitates more efficient manufacturing processes. The wide-ranging capabilities of Tornos’ machining tools empower the high-speed and precision production of minute parts and components (ranging from four to 42 millimetres), from simple to complex, with applicability expanding across industrial, clinical, and commercial sectors.

Tornos’ Swiss lathe models are categorised into the entry-, mid-, and high-level equipment, which deliver consistently high levels of machining accuracy across various customer needs. Its single spindle starts at five-axis machines and two linear machines are utilised for the development of stable and high-quality parts. One of Tornos’ flagship offerings is the SwissNano 10, which offers unparalleled precision, thermal behavior, stability, and ergonomics with a minimal carbon footprint. Essentially, its CNC Swiss lathe equipment aids clients in maximising their productivity and offers them complete control over machining operations with markedly reduced energy consumption.
Concurrently, Tornos provides fully-integrated software that enables the remote management of its spindles through web- and mobile-based avenues. TISIS, the company’s machine communicating programming software, allows for the rapid and accurate programming, setup, and supervision of its machines. Another solution, the TB-DECO ADV, is a programming tool that simplifies the management of single-spin and multi-spindle machines, enhancing operator control during programming tasks to deliver CNC machining solutions that unfailingly follow client-specific instructions. The software utilises a user-friendly, intuitive, and visual interface, along with a logical and ergonomic way of programming G-codes to assist makers in developing parts that truly align with customer specifications.

We develop tools designed to mass-manufacture small, extremely precise, high-quality parts. Today, we are the go-to partners for many production firms looking to develop new products, solve production problems, or innovate better solutions

Highlighting Tornos’ portfolio is a customer engagement where it assisted a manufacturer in eliminating their need for multiple, disparate machines for the production of one high-precision component. Initially, the manufacturer used nine different tooling solutions. Tornos flipped the script through its range of MultiSwiss solutions that minimised the need for numerous machines while boosting quality.

Nunes attributes successes like this to the experience his company has accumulated over its long journey. Tornos’ team has worked with niche clients like luxury watchmakers as well as dental and medical companies, always collecting lessons that will prove valuable in future endeavours.

Moving forward, Tornos’ comprehensive portfolio and ability to build all its machines in Switzerland is poised to drive its success as a trusted manufacturer that makes a real difference through a robust supply chain and expert-backed delivery of precise and high-quality products.


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Naiane Nunes, General Manager

Tornos has been a pioneer and developer of Swiss-type lathe, with over 140 years of experience in the market as an innovator that has kept developing new products in order to serve customers faster and keep up with the new needs that arise on a daily basis.