Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) API Integration: A contemporary SOA solution

An SOA initiative must align both technical and commercial strategies to fall in closely with each other to generate the finest output. “We at THBS have proven to be experts in defining clear roadmaps for successful SOA initiatives by aligning both IT and business goals,” remarks Ravi Chander, CEO, Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS). With an Enterprise Architecture approach, THBS advises technologies and methodologies for a successful SOA adoption. By evaluating an enterprise’s current architecture with various service portfolios, a definitive SOA based solution is planned, designed, and integrated with prospects for future improvement.

Apart from installing an effective SOA architecture, THBS also provides end-to-end managed services for all their SOA initiatives. This includes support for product, environment, and service configurations and changes to the code due to revisions in Government policies, product changes, and coding errors. A notable property of THBS is its Service Factory Delivery Model that brings in a lucrative method for mass producing SOA services for clients, which reduces the cost involved in the integration and deployment of business preprocesses. “The adoption of such a model would mandate solid standards to be introduced in the very early stages of installation with robust planning and a solid governance structure,” says Chander.

The company’s flagship SOA solution, SOAizer, brings a pioneering delivery model, as the SOAizer is equipped with Plug-and-Play capabilities to increase efficiency of an SOA implementation process. It includes the REST simulator—an in-house tool created by the Centre of Excellence at Torry Harris. The simulator creates a mockup of RESTful web services quickly without any coding effort allowing developers to test the integration interfaces with the RESTful services. “This reduces uncertainty during integration testing and reduces development efforts significantly by 60 percent,” explains Chander. It also has an ‘AutoStub’ tool to simulate a Web Service or an XML based service without coding efforts, which helps in Continuous Integration through a virtual test bed setup. “The tool is 100 percent configuration driven to facilitate rapid setup of stubs and reduce time taken to have a service up and running just based on interface specifications,” he adds.
With unambiguous toolkits and modules, THBS successfully implements their flagship solution to enterprises in Telecom, Banking and Insurance, Government, Automotive, and the Retail manufacturing industries. The company’s SOA solutions for Telecom have enabled a large telecom operator in the emerging market to acquire 46 percent market share. This pioneering accomplishment was possible through THBS’s Mobile Financial Service offerings that provided the telecom carrier with an Application Programming Interface (API).

We at THBS have proven to be experts in defining clear road maps for successful SOA initiatives by aligning both IT and business goals.

By integrating an API module into the company’s internal IT real-estate, they were able to build a transaction gateway for third-party collaboration. “The API architecture we designed and implemented helped rationalize legacy IT systems into reusable, general-purpose functionality blocks that facilitated quicker changes to business processes,” says Chander. As a result, the business was better supported to go-to-market with new products and services, accompanied by introduction of new channels.

THBS affirms on a fluent client service levels and customer intimacy that are considered as the two key driving factors for success. The company was benchmarked by Gartner as a ‘Challenger’ in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for its ability to excel perspectives such as overall viability, sales strategy, and customer experience. “The technical focus, leadership, and expertise within a worldwide niche are at the core of the company. This earns us the reputation of being an agile SOA service provider,” concludes Chander.

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