Total Dynamics Solutions: Creating an Enhanced Way for Organizations to Harness their Information

Mike Skillingstad, President & Co-founder
Regardless of industry, today’s businesses all have one thing in common; the requirement for superior data access, dependable business aptitude and data driven insights. Spearheaded by Mike Skillingstad, Total Dynamics Solutions utilizes its business-led implementation approach to help enterprises unlock the power of their data stacks and convert it into a game-changing competitive advantage.“As businesses change and grow; information gets accumulated in different systems and different places. Our solution helps to get relevant data into business users’ hand so that they can make better decisions,” says Mike Skillingstad, President, Total Dynamics Solutions.

Headquartered in Bloomington, MN, Total Dynamics Solutions allows organizations to gain actionable insights about their business through multiple Business Intelligence offerings while creating accountability through robust planning and forecasting tools within a fully integrated system. The tools were developed to impeccably amalgamate with all the Microsoft Dynamics platforms that include AX, GP, NAV, and SL.

The configurable structure of the software streamlines data extractions and data warehouse deployment allowing system implementations to be done very quickly, with consolidated reporting and planning available within weeks. In addition, the use of Total Dynamics Solutions proprietary security module allows the software to be distributed throughout the organization while ensuring users only interact with information relevant to their specific roles.

The major differentiating aspect of the company is the comprehensive and scalable nature of their solution set. That said, Total Dynamics is not your typical software company; they are also able to add value through business consultative services which help their clients in numerous ways.

We create a better way for organizations to harness their information to produce great results

“With the visibility our tools provide, we are able to understand the client’s specific business and then work with them to create a proper solution that meets their unique needs,” says Skillingstad. A perfect example of this can be found from Total Dynamics Solutions’ work with Best Brands Corporation.

Minnesota-based Best Brands Corporation was experiencing a “perfect storm” due to the financial crisis and rising commodity prices which put their bakery products business in peril. They needed a way to quickly and efficiently gain visibility into data held in many dissimilar systems to enable strategic business decisions. To carry out this, the company worked with Skillingstad’s team to implement their Software Solution. First, the General Ledger Cube was utilized to merge three legacy ERP systems into a single, consolidated financial look that permitted executives to get a lucid picture of the company’s monetary status. Second, complete visibility into Best Brands’ operational profitability was gained through a powerful customer and item-level profitability analysis tool. By leveraging the software suite to make strategic business decisions, Best Brands management was able to swiftly retool their business.

Total Dynamics Solutions will soon be releasing an innovative turnkey product, further reducing implementation times and providing reporting and planning tools out-of-thebox. “We are always working to create more value for our customers and we will continue finding ways to make it faster with less effort and expense,” concludes Skillingstad.

Total Dynamics Solutions

Bloomington, MN

Mike Skillingstad, President & Co-founder

Enables organizations to gain actionable insights about their business through multiple business intelligence offerings and accountability through robust planning and forecasting tools within a fully integrated system