ToutApp: Sales Success Platform that Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals

Tawheed Kader, Founder & CEO
Having grown up working with his family’s business, Tawheed Kader, Founder and CEO of ToutApp was quick to understand the issues faced by sales people. “Sales representatives spend only 33 percent of their time on core selling activities,” says Kader. The remaining time is consumed in completing other monotonous tasks such as sending repetitive mails, doing research, and analyzing the priority order for jobs. Such an ineffective way of executing work constrains the sales employee from spending the majority of their time on core selling activities. Helping alleviate such non-productivity issues, San Francisco, CA, based ToutApp offers a sales success platform that helps sales reps be more efficient with these monotonous tasks and ultimately close more business. The platform’s features such as email tracking, templates, and analytics empower the sales rep have added visibility into the sales process and empowers the sales reps to prospect better and close more. “Our platform acts as a complete sales acceleration solution that combines the power of ‘integrated intelligence’ and ‘productivity tools’ to offer advanced visibility into every step of sales process,” affirms Kader.

Our platform acts as a complete sales acceleration solution that combines the power of `integrated intelligence' and `productivity tools' to offer advanced visibility into every step of sales process

ToutApp’s platform is a prospecting tool to help sales representatives reach out to potential customers in a more effective, time-saving way. “Tracking the conversation is an important phase of prospecting. Our platform provides tracking abilities across the sales communication,” expresses Kader.
The platform tracks every unique email open, click, website activity and more, thereby giving sales reps a 360-degree view into their prospects activities. This real-time data is available in a live feed that enables sales reps to intake information and take action in a timely manner. Besides tracking, the platform offers re-usable templates that can be customized to help with email sending efficiency. “The presence of templates for every sales scenario allows representatives to frame responses quickly and move the deal in the best possible fashion,” says Kader. The platform also provides individual, team and content level analytics to help organizations indentify the best performing emails and optimize sales processes. According to Kader, nearly 80 percent of the marketing collateral such as white papers, newsletters, and PowerPoint presentations created by the enterprises are never used by a sales rep. ToutApp provides usage visibility so that marketers and sales managers can help manage content and drive adoption of the best performing emails.

ToutApp’s sales success solution easily integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and other enterprise-CRMs. Such flexibility empowers the business to use Tout alongside existing sales tools and services. “While, a traditional CRM necessitates the sales person to manually enter data, our platform automates this process,” delineates Kader. Such robust automation by the platform results in saving few minutes on every customer interaction carried-out by a sales person.

Leveraging Tout’s powerful platform, hundreds of enterprise companies worldwide have benefited from increased sales and operational efficiencies. “While the industry bench mark for sales prospecting is 3.5 percent on an average, the utilization of ToutApp’s platform increases the conversion rate to as much as 9.7 percent,” says Kader. “Although growth in sales prospecting is just one of the benefits, the features of our platform help sales teams achieve several other operational benefits.”

To further help sales teams take advantage of the technology revolution, ToutApp aims to deliver a complete sales acceleration platform that will continue to drive time-saving efficiencies. In order to achieve this goal, the company plans to continue to invest in predictive analytics and mobility in their solutions.


San Francisco, CA

Tawheed Kader, Founder & CEO

A leading provider of a cutting-edge sales acceleration platform that helps sales people close deals faster with the power of email tracking, templates and analytics