Towerwall: Keeping your Company Secure

It is vital for firms worldwide to protect data integrity to meet with the current requirements posed by the industry in terms of information availability, confidentiality and security. However, several organizations fail to address these requirements owing to the ever-increasing cyber security and hacking threats. The challenging environment requires unmatched security expertise from companies, to survive in the constantly evolving market.

Standing out among the few companies with the requisite ability is Farmingham, MA based Towerwall, offering hi-end products and services in domains such as internet, network and information security along with policy management.

The firm headed by Michelle Drolet, Founder and CEO, has been offering an all-inclusive suite of security solutions and services using best-of-breed tools and information security services. The services at Towerwall include assessment products and computer security servicesthat can identify and quantify possible risks, testing and analysis tools to enable secure systems and safe data, detecting and neutralizing threats in advance, and cloud security.
The company also puts emphasis on BYOD concept, as a cost-effective tool for enterprise-class companies in areas like overall operational process and IT security.

Towerwall's proven 4E methodology, that is, 'Evaluate, Establish, Educate, Enforce', is a time-tested and measurable approach to information security, providing a consistent and repeatable approach.

Since its inception in 1993, Towerwall has been providing top-level security solutions to several reputed companies such as Middlesex Savings Bank, PerkinElmer, Inc and Advanced Instruments, to name a few. The industry-specific services from Towerwall, made possible by the highly efficient team and advanced tools, have received wide-spread appreciation. The company has been recognized by independent organizations as well for the excellence and significance of its products, and the overall corporate excellence.


Framingham, MA

Michelle Drolet, Founder and CEO

A provider of network security and policy management products and services.