TraceSecurity: Securing Healthcare with Accurate IT Assessment

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Jason Wells, CEO
According to a recent report by Radware on the global application and network security space, in the last two years, the healthcare sector has seen a substantial rise in cyberattacks. The healthcare landscape remains a lucrative target for cybercriminals due to its valuable data and low preparedness levels. With a never-ending flow of confidential data ranging from patient details to billing information, healthcare organizations have a lot of ground to cover to keep their systems safe from breaches.

Recognizing the exigency for a secure practice environment, TraceSecurity, a Baton Rouge, LA-based cybersecurity firm, has developed a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services and solutions that allow healthcare organizations to better manage their information security program and supplement it with third-party validation and testing. Founded in 2004, the company has been assisting organizations, regardless of the industry and size, with their IT security and compliance needs. Jason Wells, CEO of TraceSecurity, says, “We built our company during a time of heavy regulations and rapidly growing cybersecurity threats. And, in due course, the threats and regulations have only continued to become more complex. Today, businesses everywhere need to be more secure, but lack the resources to execute the solutions proposed by enterprise-level cybersecurity firms.” With an aim to change that, TraceSecurity created an array of services and solutions that include IT risk assessments and audits, social engineering, penetration testing, and security training. “All of our offerings are designed to proactively help healthcare institutions achieve their HIPAA compliance goals as well as prepare them for real-world cyber threats,” adds Wells.

The company’s IT risk assessment, for example, reviews the effectiveness of a medical practice or healthcare organization’s current security controls and recommends different ways of ensuring an appropriate level of risk mitigation.
The initial process begins with an interview with the practice’s management team and IT team, whose feedback is used to develop a framework to represent the operational assets of the organization. “Our analysts then perform a detailed controls examination to understand how the care institution protects its assets and where improvement is required,” reveals Wells. Finally, an all-inclusive report outlining the risks identified and recommendations for mitigating those are provided. “Overall, it is a three to four week process,” states Wells.

TraceSecurity’s healthcare compliance services, on the other hand, guide medical practices to navigate compliance requirements and help ensure that an organization’s staff is fully trained in compliance. “All of our services and software help medical practices reduce the risk of security threats and ensure full compliance without unreasonable costs, staffing, and time,” affirms Wells.

From the outset, TraceSecurity has focused on performing vulnerability and security assessments for small- and medium-sized banks and credit unions. However, today, with market experience that spans over 2,500 customers, the company offers the insight, products, and professional services to support the security and risk management efforts of organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Over the span of 14 years, TraceSecurity has garnered numerous clients and delivered over 20,000 successful regulatory audit reports across several industries, including healthcare. “We are experts at what we do. We have the requisites, experience, and solutions to provide top-notch security—within budget,” mentions Wells. Led by a strong leadership team, TraceSecurity continues to see exponential growth and increased customer acquisition. The company has already made its presence known in the healthcare space and, going forward, hopes to keep that success steady. “Our goal is simple: to make healthcare IT more secure through awareness,” wraps up Wells.


Baton Rouge, LA

Jason Wells, CEO

By leveraging years of experience and expertise, offers a suite of services and software that helps healthcare institutions become more secure as well as achieve their HIPAA compliance goals