TrackMyShuttle: Enhancing Travel Experience from the Get-Go

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Bhavin Parikh, Co Founder & CEO
A customer review of a NY-based hotel read as follows, “I arrived at the airport and requested the hotel for a shuttle pick-up as theirwebsite clearly stated that it offered free shuttle services. The hotelier said that the shuttle should arrive in 15 mins. I waited for 25 mins before calling them again and received the same response. The hotel staff seemed clueless on their shuttle’s whereabouts. Finally, just as I was about to request a shared ride, the shuttle arrived – a full 50 mins late. To make matters worse, my complaint at the front desk was received with no remorse confirming that I made a big mistake by choosing this hotel.” Unfortunately, this was just one of many unpleasant customer feedbacks that hoteliers have received on their “disorganized” shuttle service. Customers today are so averse to shuttles, that they would rather pay extra for shared rides or taxis than have an anxiety attack while waiting for their free shuttle. While it is evident that hotel guests are dissatisfied with the experience, hoteliers, on the other hand, are not only losing customers but are also taking a significant hit to their brand image. Thus, free shuttle services—once a revolutionary idea in the travel and hospitality landscape—have turned “highway to hell” for everybody involved. Witnessing the plight of travellers and helplessness of hotels, TrackMyShuttle, Ashburn, VA-based tech startup offers a premier shuttle-management solution, dedicated to influencing a positive travel experience for guests and hotels alike. “Our focus has always been on the hotel guests. Everything we do is to puta smile on their face and to make transportation as seamless as possible,” says Bhavin Parikh, the Co-Founder & CEO of TrackMyShuttle.

Launched in 2018, TrackMyShuttle enables hotel guests to track their rides right from their mobile phones and empowers the hotels to significantly reshape the guest experience, increase safety and reduce operating costs.

The firm offers a proprietary cloud-based portal to hoteliers to help track, manage, and maintain their shuttles. Clients get a robust yet straightforward dashboard through which they can track their fleet in real-time, manage schedules and routes, get operational reports and analytics, and receive safety and maintenance alerts.
TrackMyShuttle also enables constant communication amongst everyone involved in the shuttle operations such as drivers, front desk staff, and managers. One of the app’s most striking features, “replay,” allows hotel staff to check their shuttle’s trip history with details on the time and location right on the map.

And for the guest—rather than offering another app for them to download, TrackMyShuttle provides them with a simple link to click on to check the shuttle’s whereabouts. The guest receives a text message or an e-mail with a link that opens up to a map with real-time shuttle details such as shuttle location,time of arrival and pick-up information. The company is also dedicating efforts in opening-up other innovative channels for guests to retrieve such tracking information.”TrackMyShuttle is continuously integrating with industry and technology partners to make shuttle tracking extremely easy for the hotel guests,” says Amit Kolambekar, the Co-Founder and CTO of TrackMyShuttle.

Parikh highlights that with TrackMyShuttle’s real-time shuttle tracking interface, guests experience is enhanced even before they enter the hotel lobby and paves the way for better hotel ratings. TrackMyShuttle is not limited to airport properties and works for resorts, golf courses, and hotels with third-party transportation as well.

Since its inception, TrackMyShuttle has redefined transportation for both hotels, and guests alike and envisions improving its offerings based on customer requirements and expanding it to a broader audience. “For 2019, we will focus on accelerating sales, providing unparalleled customer service, and releasing new features to make transportation a positive experience,” concludes Parikh.


Ashburn, VA

Bhavin Parikh, Co Founder & CEO

TrackMyShuttle enables Hotel Guests to track their rides right from their mobile phones. It empowers the hotels to significantly reshape the guest experience, increase safety, and reduce operating costs. TrackMyShuttle is the premier shuttle management solution for the Hotels and Hospitality industry, using shuttling to move guests to and from places during their stay. Dedicated to influencing a positive travel experience, the technology elevates customer and partner happiness by connecting hotels, drivers, and guests to an effortless shuttle planning, analytics, and tracking platform. Shuttle transportation becomes a preferred travel option, where guests are engaged and relaxed and have the opportunity to reflect happily on their purpose for their travel