TrackVia: Redefining 'Low-code' Workflow Software

Pete Khanna, CEO The word “workflow” is imprinted into every business’s collective consciousness— as it represents the flow of their collective work. However, IT professionals and executives have varying perspectives of the type of capabilities that can and should be provided based on their past experiences with legacy systems.

Modern workflow technology has evolved away from being singular point solutions to organize tasks or manage documents. Increasingly, companies are moving towards “intelligent” workflow platforms that can be rapidly configured and customized to streamline work, coordinate collaboration and even automate tasks. In fact, Forrester Research has created a category on, “Low-Code Development Platforms,” which further illustrates this shift in traditional BPM methodologies and software solutions. “The major challenge with workflow or building workflow applications is that, by nature, these are non-standard applications that take a lot of time, work and knowledge of the business,” begins Pete Khanna, CEO of TrackVia. “Today’s IT organization faces a difficult choice of whether to take on the burden of building something in-house or buying and managing a complex system that may or may not meet their users needs,” he adds.

Enter TrackVia, the next-generation low-code application platform that enables medium-and large-sized organizations to rapidly create and deploy workflow applications in order to gain real-time control and visibility around their critical and complex operations, such as field services, inventory, safety and compliance reporting, asset tracking, quality inspections and product lifecycle management. TrackVia specializes in providing custom work management solutions around an organization's existing infrastructure and processes. “TrackVia is all about empowering companies to be more efficient and self-sufficient when it comes to fulfilling their unique application needs,” says Khanna. “It’s unreasonable that companies have to choose between either using heavy, rigid enterprise software or manual spreadsheets to track and manage their work. That’s the huge gap that TrackVia fills.”

Being fully configurable, TrackVia’s low-code application platform helps companies build their own departmental, cross-departmental, or organizational workflow apps in just minutes using drag-and-drop functionality and/or by adding code directly through the user interface for more sophisticated customizations. “With TrackVia, organizations can build and deploy fully-customized web and mobile applications, complete with forms, tables, views and dashboards in a matter of weeks, compared to other traditional software or custom in-house solutions,” adds Khanna.

Built atop a modern cloud framework, TrackVia delivers the performance, reliability and security of a modern enterprise-grade integrated web and mobile solution, equally accessible from the web or from mobile devices via native apps for iOS and Android. This allows users across varying roles and locations to always remain connected and up-to-date on the status of their work.

The real advantage of TrackVia comes down to an organization’s ability to adapt and evolve their business without worrying whether or not their software can keep up

“Our whole philosophy is that the software should adapt to the needs of the business and not the other way round. So we give people an easy way to configure the system with the flexibility and control that they need,” says Khanna. Today, TrackVia’s mobile workflow management solutions are utilized by more than 1,000 businesses worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies.

The Three A's: Acquire. Analyze. Act.

The company’s product framework is based on three A’s—Acquire, Analyze, and Act. TrackVia can acquire data virtually from any source—from existing corporate systems through APIs and department-level spreadsheets, to filling out forms on mobile or desktop devices. This means that organizations eliminate the expensive and time-consuming burden of having to collect and organize data coming from various systems, workers and even locations. Everything is centralized and organized instantly and automatically. “We can replace paperwork and spreadsheets with mobile devices and digitized forms that can gather data, scan barcodes, add photos, or capture geo-location information,” adds Khanna. Its offline mode for mobile devices allows workers to collect data without an Internet connection. Once a connection is available, the app can sync data back with the system, making it instantly available to the back office.

With all of their data centralized in a single location, TrackVia allows organizations to analyze their data in real-time so they can make faster, more informed decisions. The solution provides a broad range of highly visual reports, including pie charts, bar charts, or Pareto charts that are fully interactive and even allow users to drill into the individual data behind them. “We offer easily configurable and powerful dashboards that contain all of a user’s pertinent charts and graphs, all of which are updated in real time to ensure up-to-date and accurate reporting. The instant visibility that TrackVia provides allows employees to make better, data-driven decisions across the enterprise,” adds Khanna.

Once the data is organized and centralized, the final step is helping organizations take action. TrackVia can be configured using intelligent workflow automation to intelligently trigger alerts, emails, tasks, new workflows or assign actions to groups or individuals without the need for any human intervention. These automated triggers can be set based on metrics, thresholds, and completed steps or actions. In addition, users can instantaneously manage the progress of their individual work by simply dragging their activities from one stage to another, automatically triggering the next step in a process to begin.
These features have helped TrackVia to garner a prestigious clientele including Honeywell, Land O’ Lakes, DIRECTV, The North Face, Brinks and others. In one instance, the company assisted Sewon, a producer of stamped chassis and auto-body components. Their client was looking for a solution to streamline work performed on their manufacturing floor as well as to provide them with real-time production metrics. Using TrackVia, they were able to capture quality control and production data throughout their manufacturing facility using mobile devices. With all their critical data instantly centralized and analyzed, management was able to leverage TrackVia’s real-time reporting to gain new found visibility into and control over the status of their various workflows—providing them with the ability to drive significant efficiencies. As a result of implementing TrackVia, Sewon was able to decrease scrap by nearly 18 percent, curb the employee overtime created due to faulty machinery by 36 percent, and free warehouse space by 33 percent.

"Our whole philosophy is that the software should adapt to the needs of the business and not the other way round"

The TrackVia Advantage

TrackVia is leading the movement away from the rigid, one-size-fits paradigm of the past towards a faster, more agile methodology for attaining a seamless workflow. The company views this as its distinct advantage over heavy, traditional enterprise software solutions like BPM. After all, they contend, each business operates uniquely and experiences too much continuous change for a single approach to be successful. “The real advantage of TrackVia comes down to an organization’s ability to adapt and evolve their business without worrying whether or not their software can keep up,” says Khanna. “If your business or processes never change, then it may make sense to go with a rigid enterprise software system,” says Khanna. “But if the nature of your organization’s operations demands speed and agility, then it’s worth giving a modern platform solution, like TrackVia, serious consideration.”

Innovating for the Future

Being one of the pioneers in the cloud and low-code app platform market, TrackVia continues to invest heavily in R&D, to enhance their innovation and to offer ground-breaking solutions to their customers. “We have one of the largest innovation teams in the industry, because we listen to our customers. With over 1,000 customers, we focus on working together towards creating exceptional solutions and spearheading the company towards growth,” asserts Khanna. “The customer feedback we receive adds profound value in our product; through their input, we’ve come to better know the market and how we can best solve the challenges faced by our clients and companies like them,” he adds.

Khanna believes that due to the consumerization of IT, businesses are becoming increasingly tech-savvy. “We want to take our clients to the place they want to be, quickly and seamlessly, without the need to surf through menus or applications. We are focusing our innovation on bolstering the intelligence in the system via navigation techniques and user credentials,” he adds. For the days to come, “We are working towards and enhancing integration into larger systems of great importance, so that we can take things to the next level,” concludes Khanna.


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