Traction on Demand: Transforming Customer Relationship through Organic Development

Greg Malpass, CEO & Founder
Whether in the B2B or B2C space, businesses are required to listen better, move faster, make things easier – do more with less. While the new wave of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) platforms provide incredible opportunities, if they are improperly selected and implemented, they can grind an organization to a halt.

Traction on Demand opened shop in 2006, focusing solely on the platform with the objective of uniting sales and marketing efforts to improve lead to sale conversion. Using data as a focus point, Traction enables organizations to capture, from all areas of their business, a unique view of their consumer to make unified and informed decisions. Over the last decade, customer needs have evolved significantly, driving Traction to become a true cloud enablement service provider.

“Since the inception of Traction we’ve completed thousands of projects and along the way, we’ve observed a fundamental shift in business,” says Greg Malpass, CEO and founder of Traction on Demand. “Today, to remain competitive, businesses have to keep agile and continually adapt to their customer’s needs, all the while leveraging technology to standardize processes. As a software services provider, we give them the jumpstart they need to build their internal technology and process roadmap; assist them in their business transformation/software projects and leave behind competency so they can continue to evolve independently.”

While Traction has experienced unprecedented organic growth, this consultancy holds a number of difference makers including:

High area of focus and differentiation around Data:
Traction is revered as the top “data” driven partner in the ecosystem. With their roots in the business intelligence category, the Traction team are experts in org merge, data consolidation, and advanced data models for B2B/B2C. Traction has also pioneered multiple apps on the Salesforce AppExchange that showcase their expertise including Traction Hierarchies and Traction Complete.

Evolved delivery model that completely excludes contractors and outsourcing:

While most firms in the Salesforce ecosystem are leveraging offshore/contractor resources to manage the swinging demands of customers, Traction only hires full time, dedicated employees.
This “no outsource” approach allows the team to work together in squads, as Traction refers to them, on a set number of customers, allowing for them to develop deep expertise in verticals and technologies. As the company grows, to help maintain expertise and context, new squads are formed from the existing groups.

As a software services provider, we give our customers’ the jumpstart they need to build their internal technology and process roadmap

Fixed fee project approach:
Given the thousands of projects Traction has executed on the platform, chances are they’ve encountered certain patterns that may exist within a new customer. In cases where patterns are recognizable and the team can identify effort and cost in previous projects, they will fix fee bid the project. This not only results in assured budget projects, but they are typically delivered faster.

A culture that you have to experience to appreciate:
Traction is repeatedly recognized as one of the top 10 places to work in Canada under 1000 employees. They are a Certified B Corporation and also deliver services at low/no cost to non-profits through their community initiative – “Traction for Good”. A quick visit to their office quickly demonstrates how unique this business is, from their “internet of things” experiments to the refreshing approach to work/life harmony. Their clients find them contagious.

Making an indelible mark on the world of business transformation, Traction on Demand will continue to innovate and drive the success of their business through the people they hire and the passion they hold for the services they provide.

Traction on Demand

Burnaby, BC

Greg Malpass, CEO & Founder

Traction on Demand is a cloud consulting and software development firm with proven expertise in using the platform.