TrafficCast International, Inc.: IoT-Based Intelligent Transportation Forecaster

Frank Provenzano, Director of Business Development
The rapid growth in the population and increased urbanization in the smart cities have given rise to a variety of technical, social, and economic challenges such as overcrowding and traffic congestion. Most of the urban planners and departments of transportation today stand in need of a robust solution that can improve the efficiency of the transportation system and mitigate traffic congestion. Despite having deployed several surveillance systems, aggregation of accurate real-time data about the traffic demand patterns from diverse systems has been the struggle for urban cities. Madison-based, TrafficCast International, Inc. (TCI) has seized a unique opportunity to resolve this issue with its comprehensive Smart City integrated traffic data management system. The ingenious system aggregates and analyzes large volumes of traffic data from various sources and delivers accurate real-time traveler information to meet specific needs of commuters, drivers, traffic engineers and urban planners. “Our focus is to be the implementer of IoT for transportation around the world,” says Frank Provenzano, Director of Business Development, TCI.

Having spent two decades pioneering mobile and location-based services, TrafficCast addresses the “mission-critical” needs of customers like Sirius XM, Google, iHeart Media and TomTom, as well as the transportation agencies across the country. TrafficCast’s IoT platform is embedded with an advanced mobile application that leverages big data along with a widely-deployed commuter application platform for delivery of dedicated short range communications infrastructure information, and a full range of connected vehicle and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications.

The firm’s unique portfolio of products and suites as a service includes the widely-used Dynaflow Traffic Data Fusion Engine, BlueTOAD Roadside Sensors, BlueARGUS Platform, and TrafficCarma. By utilizing TrafficCast’s traffic-related resources, urban cities can deliver superior end user experience. To begin with, TCI’s cloud-based Dynaflow Traffic Data Fusion Engine enables transportation professionals to collect real-time data from various sources, to deliver traveler information and location-based incident report.
The firm leverages analytics and algorithms to understand vehicle flows and traffic science, and subsequently analyzes historical data trends and anticipated traffic impacts such as construction, weather, and upcoming events.

Our focus is to become the IoT of transportation across the world

Besides, BlueTOAD (Bluetooth Travel-Time Origination and Destination) roadside sensors and BlueARGUS software assist customers in capturing Bluetooth signal detection for travel times, vehicle speeds and performance measures analytics, monitoring and managing traffic congestion in the jurisdictions and measure performance of the road network.

The firm’s TrafficCast’s TrafficCarma, an iOS and Android-based mobile application, provides both public and private sector users with a medium to share data across a single platform. “As a part of the Smart-Cities initiative, TrafficCast provides an additional DSRC layer to TrafficCarma, allowing the city and its users a way to interact with one of the most comprehensive connected vehicle experiences available in the industry,” says Provenzano.

To illustrate more on the firm’s capabilities, Provenzano cites the cases of the State of Georgia, Massachusetts, and Florida wherein the clients are regularly faced with congestion and incident issues. As a result, management of traffic flow is always a challenge. By deploying TrafficCast’s traffic data management systems within the jurisdiction and across the state, the clients are able to manage the traffic flow without any hassle and mitigate the traffic congestion. The States monitor and distribute real time information from all their systems seamlessly and are able to improve efficiency and share critical traffic information with the public.

TrafficCast’s products are currently installed in over 9,000 locations in 45 states across the US. Through its proven IoT based traffic data management systems, TrafficCast is indeed spearheading as a revolutionary provider of digital traffic information and technology.

TrafficCast International, Inc.

Madison, WI

Frank Provenzano, Director of Business Development

Provides travel time forecasting and traffic information to improve the efficiency of the transportation system