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Kevin Smith, CEO
They say ‘when life gives you a lemons, make lemonade’. Kevin Smith, CEO of TrainingWheel, had less than a lemon to start out with. After serving in the U.S. Army medical field for seven years, Smith realized most medical software solutions need intensive consulting service for workflow design, content, testing, and activation support. He then launched Preceptor Consulting in 2006, to deliver clinical experts with extensive knowledge on the top healthcare solutions. “We call ourselves the preceptors, as we provide end user support to understand the systematic procedure of a medical software process. With our bold rebranding in 2012 as TrainingWheel, we introduced web and mobile solutions along with our flagship Preceptor clinical support resources,” begins Smith.

In the healthcare IT sector, the majority of the vendors focus on technologyoriented solutions, however Smith reveals that their focal point is clinical. “We look at providing clinical workforce, expertise, and resources with the right trainers to effectively help our clients learn and master the technology,” adds Smith. The ex-army staff sergeant also points out streamlining workflows, understanding workspace management and user requirements as the current market requirements in healthcare IT.

TrainingWheel offers a numberof web and mobile applications designed to simplify Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record(EMR), and other medical software implementations. Their flagship Preceptor Support consists of licensed clinical tutors, in addition to highly experienced technical analysts to support the full life cycle of any project. TrainingWheel’s LectureHall solution enables vendors to undergo a secure, interactive training through integrated e-Learning platforms. Another unique solution TrainingWheel offers is Go Live Pro, an advanced web and mobile iOS platform aimed at replacing paper-based reporting during go-lives. The solution automates help desk issues and supports tracking on a straightforward, easy-to-use interface compatible with mobile devices. TrainingWheel also provides a reporting tool, AlmostME, which tracks near miss medical errors. “We are also looking forward to release a cloud based file hosting service, our version of Dropbox. It can enable users to systematize their data and also build a user community in their own environment,” explains Smith.
TrainingWheel believes in developing tailor-made training modules for every client. Unlike many of their counterparts, they have their own learning management system and in-classroom training facilities. “In addition, we offer platform-friendly applications to support our training process to provide the best opportunity for our clients to succeed,” continues Smith. With a focus to provide an efficient clinical workflow design, and a vendor neutral approach, TrainingWheel has provided training and services to Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, McKesson, Meditech, Siemens, GE, ShiftWizard and many more.

A leading hospital chain approached TrainingWheel with an issue in processing their documentation procedure. Their existing solution could not identify the right data, which affected the hospital’s clinical decisions. After analyzing the problem from a methodological perspective, TrainingWheel executives customized and developed a solution that optimized and streamlined the data documentation process.

We look at providing clinical workforce, expertise, and resources with the right trainers to help our clients learn and master technology

On his futuristic vision ahead, Smith says, “we are looking forward to integrating cloud in our solutions for easy access for our clients.” With the demand of healthcare IT growing every day, TrainingWheel is also studying the global market, with China and Asia as the main focal point, to expand their base.

Smith’s wide knowledge in healthcare enables organizations and their software solution providers to reach their full potential by providing the highest level of training and support services. “Everything I have learned from the US military has been implemented at TrainingWheel. I believe in mastering one thing before going to another and the philosophy is simple-see it, Do it, Teach it,” emphasizes Smith.


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Kevin Smith, CEO

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