Transatel: Simplifying MNOs Connectivity with M2M Platform

Jacques Bonifay, CEO and Co-Founder
The Internet of Things is a complex interconnection of hardware, such as sensors and actuators, and software that works at the assembly level. The vertical nature of this platform has contributed to fragmentation of its infrastructure and this in turn is contributing towards a race between bigger names, who are not concentrating on making products for the benefits of the consumers and developers but rather to own the vertical stack. “Each IoT device is currently installed in its platform and ecosystem. And a full Machine-to- Machine (M2M) connectivity management platform is needed to keep pace with the evolving technology,” says Jacques Bonifay, CEO and Co-Founder, Transatel.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Transatel designs and operates a full Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity management platform for mobile network operators. Holding a decade experience, Transatel has 2 business lines in the IoT world:

-Offers a turnkey solutions to MNOs to manage M2M business

-Offer to global solution to device manufacturer for embedded connectivity named “SIM 901”

Services Offered

The company’s global solution ‘SIM 901’ offers 3G/LTE connectivity anywhere across the globe with a unique SIM card that can be bundled with any device. The solution is based on a non-geographic Mobile Network Code (MNC) dedicated to multi-country 3G/LTE only schemes. “Given the M2M volumes growth, our platform has enabled us to demonstrate our scalability,” says Bonifay. In that perspective Transatel is making a significant move towards the business of 3G/LTE embedded connectivity for tablets and laptops. “The future is clearly towards offering 3G/ LTE out of the box and avoiding the Wi-Fi security problems. On that topic we enable Consumer Electronics global brands to provide 3G/LTE offers to their end users,” asserts Bonifay.
Since security is getting a hot issue especially around Wifi connectivity, Transatel stretches its offerings to embrace services that includes private fixed IP address, VPN interconnect for the routing of the data traffic to the Service Provider, and data filtering.

On the M2M market, being agnostic of verticals, Transatel gives the flexibility to MNOs so that they can serve any vertical by easily updating their pricing structure and adapts to the technical challenges of their customers. Rendering M2M managed services; Transatel enables the MNOs to overcome the drawbacks of their non-compliant legacy systems. The service inherits the capability to integrate solution including SIM order and pre-activation, batch provisioning and in-life processes, flexible billing system, self-service portal and API and many more.

Historically Transatel operates in the MVNO (postpaid and prepaid) market. This extensive experience of Transatel in the MVNO space is a competitive advantage in the evolving market of M2M where new M2M applications combine mobile data usage and human interaction. “For instance, we have a clear competitive advantage on the B2B2C models,” extols Bonifay. The firm can mutualize its technical investments through multiple markets and thus, offers an advanced platform with a strong experience at the core network level and the mobile services enablement level. The company enables the MVNOs to negate the challenges of billing complexity, provisioning flexibility, service interruptions, bundles, offer building and offer differentiation stake.


Going forward on the Consumer Electronics market, Bonifay says, “Transatel needs to successfully work with the biggest laptop and tablet manufacturers to prove that the SIM 901 is the best technical solution to offer global connectivity.” Talking about the M2M market, “We are keen to adapt to other national markets in the M2M segment. Having served big countries in Europe, we are flexible to new business models in the countries with different economic challenges,” he concludes.


Puteaux, France

Jacques Bonifay, CEO and Co-Founder

Designs and operates a full M2M connectivity management platform for mobile network operators.