Transform9: Strengthening Healthcare Communications with AI-driven Voice Bots

Alan L. Creighton, President and Chief Executive Officer
Consumer interaction with healthcare practices did not change since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, labor shortages have made a frustrating situation worse for some physician practices. Patients prefer calling over going online for their healthcare services. However, high patient call volume and never-before-seen levels of staffing shortages is leading to a significant rise in call abandonment rates.

Transform9 addresses these challenges and empowers healthcare workers in better handling their patient communications through its conversational AI technology. Using AI and natural language processing (NLP), Transform9 offers a virtual healthcare call center that utilizes automated, conversational voice and chatbots to help patients engage with their healthcare provider in a highly personalized manner without learning new technology.

Through its healthcare-specific voice bots, Transform9 minimizes the impact of staffing shortages and recruitment costs while boosting healthcare provider telephone service factors. Its bots are directly integrated with the practice telephone systems, enabling a smooth workflow where the automated voice bot answers the calls and automatically performs relevant tasks based on patient requests in the practice management system. At the same time, Transform9’s combined experience in telecom, technology, healthcare, and call center management has been crucial in eliminating these communication challenges.

During its early days, Transform9 worked with orthopedic clinics that often had high call volume and limited telephone representatives. As a solution, it completely automated their scheduling and provider messaging processes through intuitive AI-driven bots. Today, Transform9 focuses on helping medical practices that do not have the resources necessary to build impactful automation capabilities by enhancing their administrative efficiencies and overall patient experiences.

“We believe that practices should be able to seamlessly handle patient communication without limiting patients’ ability to engage with their physicians to the 8-5 office hours,” says Alan L. Creighton, president, and CEO, of Transform9.
When deploying its AI voice bots, the physician practices determines the mostsuitable bot functions for physicians’ and patients. Transform9 configures these requirements, such as specific rules of the practice or provider in its bot factory and builds a bot specific to that practice. If there are post-deployment changes, as rule changes, new appointment types or new providers, Transform9 rebuilds a new bot with the relevant changes. Through this process, Transform9 implements and keeps the bots up-to-date for every medical practice.

We believe that practices should be able to seamlessly handle patient communication without limiting patients’ ability to engage with their physicians to the 8-5 office hours

Since its inception in 2019, Transform9 has successfully transformed numerous healthcare practices, enabling them to operate 24/7 with virtual assistants. Recently, the company assisted an orthopedic center with 35 physicians that receives over 40,000 calls a month while struggling to keep their current call center fully staffed. Transform9 built and implemented a highly specific orthobot® that regularly handles 7,000 to 8,000 calls per month. This volume represent approximately between 15 and 20 percent of the practice’s total call volume each month and successfully complemented the client’s existing customer service team in attending calls round the clock. Interestingly, the client’s first customer after installing Transform9’s bot was a 75-year-old individual who easily interacted with the bot while it efficiently handled the transaction.

Transform9’s emphasis on delivering voice-based bots makes it a distinguished player that enhances a healthcare practice’s ability to accept all patient calls and improve revenue generation. Moving forward, Transform9 aims to continue transforming the healthcare virtual assistance market with its innovative AI bots that can support medical practices by seamlessly aligning their patient engagement avenues with specific scheduling requirements.


Birmingham, AL

Alan L. Creighton, President and Chief Executive Officer

Transform9 offers a virtual healthcare call center using an automated, conversational voice and chatbot for physician practices that lets patients communicate how and when they want, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.