TransparaGov: A Government Based Tools & Services Provider

CIO Vendor The measurement of performance, program status and outcomes of government is currently either non-existent or not objectively measured. With rare exception, government information technologies are out of reach for civilians and too many government decision makers. Additionally, government units face a lot of issues like compliance, performance, fraud and abuse, accountability, and transparency as they implement a wide variety of public projects and programs. TransparaGov, a privately held corporation is helping solve these problems by improving the management processes of state and local governments, by providing them analytical, management, and measurement software and services. Founded in 2011, with headquarters in Washington, DC, the company brings acute understanding and practical insight by providing consulting services to create custom tailored software-centric solutions, which makes it easy for state and local governments to add (1) Accountability and compliance management, (2) Performance monitoring, (3) Fraud and abuse controls, and (4) Transparency-focused reporting capabilities to public projects and programs.

TransparaGov implements four core services to address issues that state and local governments face. First, custom TVA Solutions provide real-time or near real-time status monitoring and outcomes measurement, analytical performance displays, and visualizations, that lends an instant assessment of program or project related performance. Second, the TIDE Data Warehouse and Data Aggregation Engine straddles any number of data silos to provide tertiary data aggregation and normalization across systems, by avoiding merging of original silo data or violating individual silo security requirements. Third, the Accountability Workflow implements accountability elements such as role separation, communications audit trail, and automatic attestation and certification features, which directly associate individuals with their decisions and actions.
And finally, the Visual Budget Explorer (VBE) provides real time and real transparency to state and local leaders in a format that is easy for anyone to understand in a living infographic format. It turns endless lists of numbers into clear concise illustrations that allow individuals to understand exactly where and how their money is being spent, and what results are being achieved.

TransparaGov’s team blends over one hundred years of technology, government, and analytic experience, giving them a unique ability to clearly understand issues and design solutions. Their patented tool set provides benefits to the clients that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Most importantly, the team’s solid relationships with government leaders provide direct access to decision makers at every level of state and local government. They are engaged in a constant effort to redesign and adapt leading edge technologies to make them useful to government. This ongoing effort provides them with a constant stream of innovation and product patent potential.

Mentioning a case study, TransparaGov designed an example solution to the issues surrounding the $6 billion, multi-year Minnesota Legacy Amendment, a law that provides grants to improve Minnesota for future generations. This solution served as an example on how government programs can be managed through the use of cutting edge technologies, to drive superior outcomes. “Our exciting idea of bringing world class business intelligence tools adapted for government is being enthusiastically embraced by leaders who want to show results,” says David Rehr, the CEO of TransparaGov.

TransparaGov tools and services provide the ability to solve the previously unsolvable issues that plague state and local government. Their main objective is to become the ‘gold standard’ for addressing management, reporting, and transparency issues in the sector. Citizens expect their governments to be results oriented, and to be more transparent than ever before. As there are now tools and services to align with these growing expectations, the future road map for state and local governments will lead directly to TransparaGov’s mission of performance based government, accountability, transparency, and the ability to demonstrate exceptional stewardship.


A privately held corporation that helps state and local governments to improve their management processes