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Kannappan Manickam, Global Managing Director
The journey of Dunkin’ Donuts’ all-time favorite snack, all the way from the farm until the round fried goodness is on a plate is long and interesting. Nevertheless, not so long ago Dunkin’s team was in a dilemma. Managing the countless operations that underpin the supply chain was proving to be a herculean task. Dunkin’ staff had to onboard and conduct due diligence for 1000+ suppliers to ensure that Dunkin’s supplier network was compliant with food regulations and Dunkin’ quality standards. Existing solutions created siloes of disparate data that left the quality assurance team without a holistic view of their supply chain. The complexity of tasks and time-consuming processes drove Dunkin’s team to search for an integrated software solution that could easily monitor the quality and compliance of its global supplier network and comprehensively manage all the moving parts in the supply chain.

Dunkin’ chose TraQtion as their solution of choice. TraQtion, an intelligent, SaaS-based quality and compliance solution, effectively tackled Dunkin’s tough challenge of limited supply chain visibility and lack of performance reporting. TraQtion provided a software platform with built-in food safety expertise, real-time approval workflows, and dynamic data management with built-in data governance rules that delivered a supplier master database, product compliance and business intelligence. TraQtion is a subsidiary of NSF International, which is a global leader in food safety and public health. “Our mission as a software company is to connect the world’s supply chain, empowering manufacturers, restaurants, retailers and brand owners to bring safe, sustainable, and high-quality products to market faster, increasing brand integrity and consumer confidence,” says Kannappan Manickam, TraQtion’s Global Managing Director.

Supply chain visibility and data management becomes more complex as the supply chain expands internationally. This globalization of the supply chain has led to an enormous exchange and generation of data within an organization both internally and externally. Manual management of this structured and unstructured data becomes increasingly difficult leading to compromised data integrity. TraQtion’s intelligent software understands the relationships among different data points starting from the supplier’s identity and authenticity, to the analysis of ingredient data to finished product, supplier compliance for its international vendors, right up to complaint management to provide a single source of truth that delivers meaningful information.

Supply chain visibility and product excellence is a team sport. Built on NSF’s expertise, TraQtion improves collaboration and the exchange of trusted information across the supply chain

The different departments can access this golden record through TraQtion’s business intelligence, which includes key performance indicators, dashboards and rank-based scorecards, to drive better data-driven decisions using trustworthy data that drives product excellence.

“Supply chain visibility and product excellence is a team sport. TraQtion improves collaboration and accelerates the exchange of trusted information across the supply chain,” says Manickam. Inside the company, QA, R&D and product development, artwork & packaging as well as corporate procurement and sustainability teams entrust TraQtion as their system of record, enabling faster speed to market. Externally, suppliers, franchisees, co-manufacturing facilities, laboratories and technical consultants participate in creating a dynamic single source of truth and work together and are nimble, proactive, and responsive. With collaboration in place, there is marked improvement in the quality of the finished product and speed to market.

Project success is dependent on a well-planned implementation and stakeholder adoption. TraQtion is easily configurable, intuitive, and multi-lingual software that can seamlessly integrate with external systems. Our in-house implementation experts configure the software to meet the client’s business need, reducing the burden on the client’s IT resources. “We take a lot of pride in our tried and tested implementation methodology, which aligns with our clients’ business goals and increases higher adoption across the supply chain” says Manickam. “We place a very high emphasis on customer satisfaction”.

TraQtion News

Food Industry: Access to an Enhanced Specification Management Solution

TraQtion’s advanced management system helps customers improve time to market with the help of tracking and controlling the product data involving nutritional information, reciepes, and approved suppliers.

FREMONT, CA: TraQtion, a leader in offering cloud-based and compliance solutions, announced the accessibility of the enterprise’s enhanced specification management for the supervision of product attributes. With the module, food producers and retailers can track and control all data related to a particular recipe, ingredient, approved suppliers, along with dietary and nutritional information. The latest module assists enterprise customers in advancing the time to advertise. Alongside, the component also addresses the increasing demands of health-conscious consumers who track ingredient claims containing non-genetically modified organism (GMO), allergens, and nutritional labels. Read More


Ann Arbor, MI

Kannappan Manickam, Global Managing Director

Our mission as a software company is to connect the world’s supply chain, empowering manufacturers, restaurants, retailers and brand owners to bring safe, sustainable, and high-quality products to market faster