TravelWorks: Streamlining Travel Agency Management

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Jean Corneau, Vice President
Driven by the objective to enhance customer satisfaction and generate additional revenues, travel agencies around the world are persistently on the quest of a complete management system comprising market modules and not just a simple CRM/accounting solution. While smaller travel agencies fail to integrate generic accounting software like QuickBooks with their Global Distribution System (GDS) or booking engine, mid-sized agencies are challenged with disparate systems—a GDS/booking engine, a CRM tool, a billing/accounting system, and more. Larger travel organizations, on the other hand, have specific reporting needs for comparing performance between branches or staff in a business unit. To put an end to the plethora of obstacles that beset travel agencies, TravelWorks brings to the table a complete and integrated cloud-based solution to streamline agency management.

Being involved in the development of back-office solutions for the travel industry since 1988, the company offers a software that can integrate with third-party systems—GDS, booking engines, insurance companies, credit card merchants, and more—delivering immense value to travel agencies looking to centralize everything in a single solution. TravelWorks’ Co-founder and Owner, Jean Corneau asserts, “Our understanding of the accounting specificities of this industry allows us to offer a product tailored to the travel industry as opposed to generic accounting solutions such as QuickBooks or SAGE.”

TravelWorks’ robust cloud solution comprises different features such as reservation management, invoicing, accounting, CRM/ Marketing, and a strategic management tool. Added to that, clients can reap numerous benefits from the IT perspective. For instance, the software requires no installation or server; neither does it need any IT infrastructure to manage it or backups to perform. This is a huge plus for travel agencies that frequently add new home-based agents within the organization. The software subscription includes hosting, backups, software updates, and unlimited customer support. For maximum data protection, the turnkey software is hosted by the internationally renowned Microsoft Azure. Besides, TravelWorks offers a Tour Lite option that allows a travel agency with wholesale activities while selling their products to other travel agencies such as issuing vouchers/B2B invoices, managing travel agency commission rule, buying in a currency, and receiving an invoice in another.

Our understanding of the accounting specificities of this industry allows us to offer a product tailored to the travel industry as opposed to generic accounting solutions such as QuickBooks or SAGE

In order to stay ahead of the competition curve, TravelWorks has recently integrated with hotel and cruise booking engines like Travelutionary, Bonotel, and Odysseus. The company focuses on constantly listening to its customers and catering to their unique needs. “As per client requests, we add new features in our development roadmap with timelines and priorities, in an effort to constantly evolve the system,” says Corneau. Unlike other competitors that are more specialized in GDS, the back office forms TravelWorks’ core system, and hence they provide a solution that keeps following the evolution of the industry needs. For very large organizations with dozens of branches, the company also strives to analyze, evaluate, and custom develop solutions according to their requirements. TravelWorks began selling its ingenious solution in the U.S. market less than two years ago and within a short window of time earned potential customers in the country. The fact that TravelWorks has been approached by larger organizations in the last nine months speaks volumes about the company’s rapid success in this realm.

Keeping up with the industry trends, TravelWorks is currently developing a new module that is geared toward tour-operators. To this end, the company is looking to offer a Tour Premium option that will also include inventory management and online reservation. TravelWorks also intends to integrate upon request to any new booking engine used by its customers. For enabling companies to resell its back office solution in other areas, the company has also developed a multi-language tool that offers a new TravelWorks version in any foreign language.


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Jean Corneau, Vice President

Travelworks is an accounting and management software for travel agencies developed by Travelworks/PC Voyages. The company has been developing travel software since 1988, and its TravelWorks software is taught in several tourism schools and used by more than 5,000 users. The company’s back-office offers a complete solution along with the features of accounting management, marketing, and also integrates with major GDS, insurance systems, online payment gateways, and booking engines. The application can also be used by small travel agencies or multi-branch travel agency groups as it does not need any software installation required, server to manage, or hosting fees