Trayak: Green is Lean—Towards Innovations in Design and Manufacturing for Sustainability

CIO VendorPrashant Jagtap, Founder & President/CEO
A few years ago, corporate sustainability practices were being adopted by only a niche group of companies. Today, if you indulge in a conversation with any CEO around the world, the need to reduce a company’s environmental footprint and potential liabilities while contributing to a leaner and greener planet, inevitably surfaces as a growing concern. Burgeoning from this need—Trayak, meaning “protector,” offers consulting and software solutions to manufacturers with a focus on product sustainability aiming for an eco-friendly future. “Whether you believe in the current environmental crisis or not, everybody agrees to be lean, and as engineers, we want to find an engineering solution,” opines Prashant Jagtap, CEO of Trayak.

With changing times, the traditional challenges of faster to market, cost, and feature/functionality faced by manufacturers is being compounded by concerns of product footprint and product stewardship. While product footprint is the harmful environmental and social impact; product stewardship is passing back the responsibility of product end-of-life to the manufacturer. Increasingly around the world regulations are being formulated and enacted to address these issues. Trayak helps manufacturers adopt and optimize these eco-concepts into their mainstream product design and manufacturing processes. For Trayak, it all boils down to engineering technology products that are not only eco-friendly but are innovative solutions to complex business and planet problems.

Trayak’s Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tool, Eco-Designer and the cloud delivered and mobile first Eco-Impact solutions is designed for performing quick and easy Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). It can be integrated into any enterprise IT system, whether it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or homegrown IT system. This serves the diverse needs of a wide group of people with roles like Designer, Engineer, Purchaser and Marketer. In addition, EcoScore and EcoLabel provide a decision making tool to optimize products towards a company’s Corporate Sustainability goals.

Owing to unique competitive and intellectual property needs of clients, Trayak provides technology solutions that can be deployed into a customer’s mainstream process.
The solutions offered by Trayak integrate into the clients’ IT systems, making sure they fit into the design process of the manufacturing company. According to Jagtap, the idea of sustainability cannot be driven by a single tool, but through a portfolio of tools, hence partnership with other organizations is also important. Trayak collaborates and partners with organizations like Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and Environmental Packaging International (EPI) for packaging solutions to stay ahead of competition and provide a complete portfolio to their clients. The company also provides a unique combination of Product Design and Engineering expertise combined with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to manufacturers.

Just like quality control evolved into design for quality says Jagtap, environmental impact analysis will evolve into design for the environment.

Trayak is an expert in understanding client needs and providing the best solution. Trayak has a spectrum of clientele ranging from manufacturers, who design furniture, commercial lighting solutions to developers of lightweight cars and consumer products that are used daily around the world. For a particular client, Trayak’s products helped in gaining a better perspective of product footprint and costs. For every client, Trayak ensures that their solutions provide a significant bottom line benefit.

Trayak provides enterprise software that can be easily deployed into a customer’s mainstream product design process

Manufacturers who are just getting started with the idea of sustainability might be confused about where to begin. Trayak will help from initial analysis to adopting it into your day to day processes. “The coming few years will see a lot trends, where circular economy and industrial ecology concepts will become extremely important, The Internet of Things (IoT), mobile computing and cloud delivery platforms will provide innovative solutions to manufacturers and we will be right ther


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Prashant Jagtap, Founder & President/CEO

Provides manufacturers with a portfolio of enterprise consulting and software solutions using sustainable strategies to design and manufacture eco-friendly products.