TRG: Redefining The Future Of Managed Mobility Services

“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it is.”

This aphorism of Wayne Gretzky—arguably the greatest ice hockey player of all time— is one of the most used references in the corporate world. After all, if a business wants to remain relevant in an ever-changing world, they need to stay ahead of the trends; only then can they flourish.

The famous Gretzky quote has found a new relevance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Global lockdowns and subsequent work-from-home mandates have pushed companies to address radical changes in their business models and a sudden influx of remote workers—and do so rapidly, without any luxury of time. Pain points that had previously existed, but may not have been as acute, have been brought to the forefront.

Enterprise mobility solutions—a fundamental component of any technology transformation even before the pandemic—have become more critical than ever. Indeed, they have evolved from an optional or “nice to have” toolset into a required business competency. Organizations with existing mobile infrastructure are migrating to newer, more advanced technologies, while companies with legacy systems are being forced to overhaul their operations—and fast.

Helping companies in either scenario is TRG—a global managed solutions provider offering the most comprehensive suite of services in the industry. With more than 10 million devices under management and 5,000+ customers across all industries and applications, TRG maintains facilities across the United States, Canada and Europe—most recently launching a 60,000 square foot Enterprise Mobility Center outside of Cleveland, Ohio, just minutes from its 90,000 square foot headquarters and 40,000 square foot Retail Deployment Center.

“From the warehouse to the boardroom and from deployment to retirement—whether it’s a rugged mobile computer or consumer-grade tablet—we have the capabilities to cover the entire spectrum of an advanced enterprise mobility program,” says Mark Cimino, VP of Enterprise Mobility Services at TRG.

As a family-owned company, TRG prides itself on being nimble and maintaining complete control over its operations—the solutions provided, flexibility offered, reinvestment in the business and company culture. “Our corporate headquarters was specifically designed as an inviting, engaging, and fun place to visit and work,” says Dave Foyer, TRG’s VP of Technology. “We maintain a variety of ‘perks and quirks’—including a full-length sport court, spacious fitness center, and indoor Tiki Bar—because we know that employees who feel more engaged WANT to exceed customer expectations, day-in and day-out.”

Modern Solutions for Modern Problems

TRG’s innovative solutions begin at procurement. In early 2019, well before the pandemic turned many corporate mobility needs and budgets upside down, TRG launched the industry’s first full lifecycle mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) subscription platform. TRG MaaS combines “on-demand” hardware, services, and analytics into one simple, predictable monthly payment.

“Overall, we’ve witnessed a generational shift from ownership to ‘on-demand’ products and services, and in enterprise mobility, the story is no different,” says Chad Nordby, Director of Enterprise Mobility Services at TRG.

Our customers leverage mobile solutions to drive innovation without the burdens of procuring, deploying, and maintaining that infrastructure

“Owning and managing technology in-house is costly, inefficient, and distracting from strategic, revenue-generating initiatives. In today’s highly-competitive environment, organizations must be nimble. Our customers leverage mobile solutions to drive innovation without the burdens of procuring, deploying, and maintaining that infrastructure.”

With TRG MaaS, organizations avoid large capital costs and lengthy approval processes to more efficiently and cost-effectively realize the reliability, security, and scalability of new technologies. And importantly, MaaS provides predictable payments that match any capital strategy, leaving funds available to invest in other projects.

A One-Stop-Shop for Managed Mobility Services

Once the equipment has been procured, TRG’s industry-leading support continues into deployment and ongoing management. For many companies, existing helpdesk and other support structures were not designed to deal with the range and complexity of today’s technologies. And organizations who have already outsourced certain efforts often find themselves with disparate vendors across product sets and geographies.

With TRG, customers enjoy a one-stop-shop solution across the technology landscape and around the world—enjoying comprehensive deployment support for not only the hardware, but also applications, security, cloud services, and mobile operators. With capabilities ranging from security design to staging, kitting, and configuration to onsite installation and user training, TRG simplifies technology rollouts across a broad range of device types, brands, and operating systems—reducing costs and risks and freeing up internal resources to focus on other priorities.

Deployment is only the beginning of TRG’s lifecycle management services. They maintain a 24/7/365 help desk and proactive monitoring team to support mission critical technology around the clock and around the world—ensuring application success for employees and ultimately customers.

In the case of equipment damage or malfunction that cannot be resolved over the phone, TRG provides tailored repair and managed logistics services. Their “Spare in the Air” program overnights a functioning unit to keep operations up and running while the faulty one is sent in, triaged and repaired.

An In-Depth Consultancy Service: The Cherry on Top

When it comes to unified endpoint management (UEM) and mobile device management (MDM) support, TRG’s comprehensive suite of services continues.
“Today’s CIOs manage a broad range of mobile technology requirements— BYOD, COPE, IoT, and business-specific devices,” says Foyer. “UEM platforms can help ease the burden, but companies often fail to realize the full benefits. We can help build, implement, manage, and optimize these systems—regardless of the platform, device, or operating system.”

Capabilities range from standard support during normal business hours to a fully managed offering, 365 days per year. TRG also provides customized consulting engagements, including rollout strategies, golden image development, end user training, and reporting and analytics. They can support the industry’s leading platforms, including VMware, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, SOTI, Samsung Knox, Ivanti, and MobileIron.

“Today, more and more business process innovation is based upon mobile apps and associated workflows—those are critical for both B2B and B2C engagements,” says Nordby. “Application success and user experience are paramount, but all too often, hardware and security concerns become impediments to the desired outcomes. We provide the hardware, security, and lifecycle support—either a la carte or on a subscription basis— to allow internal teams to focus on delivering that innovation.”

Where Successes Speak Volumes

It is needless to say that these proven capabilities have helped TRG to track the proverbial ‘puck’ of the mobility space and uniquely position itself as one of the market leaders. A case in point would be the company’s recent partnership with a leading online food ordering platform. Intending to build a cloud-enabled mobile application that could offer their customers contactless ordering and pickup from a multitude of venues and vendors, the customer engaged TRG to manage everything from tablet and printer selection to security design, procurement, deployment, and ongoing device lifecycle management. As a result, they could focus solely on the success of their cloud platform, application and unique differentiators, while leaving the heavy lifting of the hardware rollout and support to TRG.

"From the warehouse to the boardroom and deployment to retirement—we have the capabilities to support an advanced enterprise mobility program"

With many other similar success stories, TRG is already moving beyond current market requirements into the future of enterprise mobility and borderless networks. “A key contributor to our success has been listening to our customers and understanding their needs,” says Cimino. “They do fabulous things when they break the shackles of the day-to-day management and support of their technology infrastructure, and we’ll continue evolving to help them unleash that innovation.”


Westlake, OH

Dave Foyer, VP of Technology, Mark Cimino, VP of Enterprise Mobility Services and Chad Nordby, Director of Enterprise MobilityServices

TRG is a global managed solutions provider focused on enterprise mobility, point of sale and payments. With facilities across the United States, Canada and Europe, they provide the most comprehensive suite of lifecycle management services – from warehouse to boardroom and deployment to retirement. TRG’s mission is to Make Technology Simple, helping customers accelerate projects, drive application success, improve employee & customer experience and maximize ROI. They’re relentless in their drive to find innovative, effective ways to enhance customer operations and challenge conventional thinking along the way