TRI-COR Industries (TCI): Delivering Innovative IT Solutions that Drive Customer Mission Performance

Terry Finchum, VP, Operations
Defense organizations today demand solutions that not only render optimum value to the enterprise but also have maximum impact on mission performance. With the vision to become an engine of IT innovation for DoD customers, TCI leverages leading-edge tools and metrics-driven management to augment the efficiency of the IT infrastructure and applications services it provides to defense sector customers. Under the expert leadership of military veterans, the firm brings to the table a gamut of IT professional and technical services, from Agile Software Development to IT Service Management (ITSM) and DevOps-based infrastructure management to help customers accomplish mission objectives consistently and productively. TCI helps customers minimize costs and optimize results by enabling smart investment decision-making and using IT as a driver of mission performance.

TCI leverages technologies like cloud computing, mobile apps, open source, and automated tools with a constant focus on cybersecurity, thereby empowering DoD customers to transform and keep up with today’s emerging threats. TCI, an ISO and CMMI Level 3 certified company, also draws on methodologies like ITIL, SAFe, DevOps, and Agile/Scrum, and incorporates them into the enterprise services and solutions. Customers realize results that include higher productivity, improved mission posture and readiness, and greater flexibility.

TCI discovered the need for an automated tool to keep DoD customers informed about project status and overall IT systems performance on a real time basis, and therefore developed a unified SaaS solution, Velocity. The solution is powered by the capability to continuously measure an organization’s productivity, pace of work, and output, allowing informed decision-making to improve organizational performance and maturity. “Velocity allows users to manage strategic priorities, align resources, and perform budget planning and forecasting in support of business value management,” points out Terry Finchum, VP of Operations at TCI.

The company invests heavily in internal R&D, Innovation Labs, and also in company credentials like ISO and CMMI Level 3 in addition to a broad range of technical certifications for its personnel.

Velocity allows users to manage strategic priorities, align resources, and perform budget planning and forecasting in support of business value management

TCI’s specialty lies in its ability to bring exceptionally skilled people to customer projects and inject innovations into IT service delivery, from infrastructure management to applications development and sustainment.

More importantly, TCI holds an outstanding track record of delivering full lifecycle IT services to defense and civilian customers for over 33 years. The firm’s single largest contract— AISS (Applications, Infrastructure, and Systems Support)—is an enterprise scale infrastructure management contract with the Air Mobility Command (AMC)/618th Air Operations Center (AOC) which integrates over 300 applications. As the AISS prime contractor, TCI has been the key driver of innovation in areas such as configuration and asset management, testing automation, multi-channel learning, and Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), which has allowed its customer to field systems and applications faster and more reliably with immediate end user adoption. These IT service delivery best practices and innovations have been essential to AMC/618th AOC as it continues to address increasingly complex global command and control (C2), material logistics and movement, In-Transit Visibility (ITV), and global fleet management challenges.

TCI’s team members understand its DoD customers, from their strategic mission objectives to their IT architectures and standards. This understanding positions the company to be very customer-aligned and customer-centric, and able to act proactively. TCI’s strategic goal of being a trusted partner to all of its customers and a thought leader and innovator in IT solutions development and delivery drives every member of the team and is the point of reference for TCI’s forward-looking company planning.

TRI-COR Industries TCI

Alexandria, VA

Terry Finchum, VP, Operations

Develops cutting-edge IT products and services to help DoD customers accomplish mission objectives consistently and efficiently

TRI-COR Industries TCI