Triangle Cloud Services: Augmenting AWS ROI

Christopher Schoppy, President & CEO
Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) rich history in enabling highly scalable and reliable IT infrastructure has gotten businesses of all sizes to invest in cloud strategies. As businesses seek the agility to reinvent themselves quickly to meet the market demands, cloud technology solutions that empower them to fast pace the application lifecycle and speed up time to market have become crucial. This is precisely where Triangle Cloud Services brings to bear their expertise. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Triangle Cloud Services provides managed services built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for businesses of all sizes. “Our wide-ranging services span from DevOps automation to cloud migration, to strategic consulting based on the AWS platform,” says Christopher Schoppy, President, and CEO, Triangle Cloud Services. The company offers holistic services ranging from Infrastructure as a Code to configuration management to developing effective migrating strategy, along with automated development lifecycle and release pipelines.

Without expert guidance, automating the programs and the infrastructure on AWS can be cumbersome and time consuming for the organizations. This may put their digital initiatives and the overall business bottom line in jeopardy. “We are focused on two major aspects while providing managed services—DevOps automation and fault tolerance,” states Schoppy. As an AWS certified company, Triangle Cloud Services offers customizable services that can transform any environment from a static deployment into a fully automated, fault-tolerant, self-healing and resilient cloud-based application stack. Through the automated services, enterprises achieve a stable and reliable operating environment that supports faster time-to-market.

Schoppy informs that companies approach them for a number of reasons while deploying cloud technology. Filling the gap in the in-house talent, replacing traditional data center model, establishing a reliable and stable cloud environment, and for security. Triangle Cloud Services addresses these concerns by leveraging the AWS platform to build a reliable environment that not only meets their entire IT needs but also automates the workflow that improves business operations.

Our wide-ranging services span from DevOps automation to cloud migration, to strategic consulting based on the AWS platform

The company typically begins client engagement with a complete assessment and analysis of their IT environment. Subsequently, they prepare a document to compare the existing environment with the architecture present in the AWS to provide innovative and sustainable IT solutions that meet their requirements. The company assists customers to migrate their on-premise workloads to the AWS while helping them to keep pace with the evolving technologies and best practices. Triangle Cloud Services provides cloud migration solutions through strategic consulting and augmentation for customers who, most often, lack the technical expertise.

The company has assisted a number of organizations from various industries in fully exploring the potential of the AWS. For instance, a large organization approached the company seeking a more stable platform to increase their operational efficiency. The client, utilizing Azure cloud services, faced challenges such as extensive downtime and lack of consistency in their cloud environment. After a deep analysis of customer’s environment, Triangle Cloud Services helped them reduce the operational overhead that improved their business performance. Migrating from a proprietary Platform-as-a-Service model to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service on AWS, the client was able to get a 100 percent wholly automated and fault tolerant environment.

Building on their success journey, Triangle Cloud Services aims to go a step ahead and provide clients the power of containerization technology to make the migration process simple and more efficient through microservices. Triangle Cloud Services is building state-of-the-art software that can containerize the entire client’s workflow on AWS enabling them to improve the scalability further and reduce cost.

Triangle Cloud Services

Pittsburgh, PA

Christopher Schoppy, President & CEO

A consulting company that specializes in planning and managing cloud-based automated IT environments for small businesses to large enterprises.

Triangle Cloud Services