TRIARQ Health: Arming Independent Practices with High-End Patient Care

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Mike Sappington
Smaller, more independent practices often face a hard time implementing the systems required for managing large population healthcare. Hence, they are frequently under pressure from market forces to consolidate their practice. According to AJMC, hospitals have increased their ownership of independent practices by more than 31 percent by January 2018. On paper, practice consolidation should allow ease in coordinated care, reduced test duplication, and decreased patient costs. However, as per Ann Fam Med, the consolidation practices have only led to many patients receiving treatments at higher costs while still having to endure inefficiencies in patient care.

On the other hand, small, independent physician-owned practices are observed to provide a greater level of personalization and attention to patient needs. Such institutions are also known to have a lower average cost per patient and lesser treatment inefficiencies than larger hospital-owned practices. It is only the lack of resources like Electronic Medical Records (EMR), care management, and efficient billing systems that keep these smaller practices from providing the quality of healthcare that patients expect from large hospitals. Enter TRIARQ Health—a physician practice service company that partners with doctors to offer them modern healthcare services and enable them to deliver high-value patient care.

TRIARQ Health takes a unique, collaborative approach to practice management and thereby helps independent practices provide equal or better healthcare services compared to larger hospitals. The organization's value-based care initiatives aim to improve the quality, cost, and healthcare experience for small independent physicians. The company provides all the technology and billing services a practice needs to operate on a level comparable to larger organizations.

TRIARQ provides physicians with comprehensive EMR software that includes mobile app features and a secure cloud-based storage for accessing patient records.
The software interfaces with various laboratories and pharmacies to facilitate efficient test orders and prescription ordering. TRIARQ's EMR is also directly linked to many controlled substance reporting agencies to prioritize patient safety.

The company also offers rigorous billing dashboards that greatly help independent practices in their financial operations and ensure that they can be paid faster, more consistently, and more accurately. TRIARQ Health's analytics provide physicians a unique insight into their business health, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions about their practice.

TRIARQ Health's analytics provide physicians a unique insight into their business health, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions about their practice.

The organization's initiative to improve patient healthcare quality, cost, and experience has led it to create various ground-breaking partnerships with leading surgeons in multiple states. TRIARQ's Care Coordination platform successfully aligns the stakeholders with a patient’s treatment process by streamlining communications and decisions for everyone. This approach provides attention to detail and eliminates wasted spend to expedite patient recovery.

The effectiveness of TRIARQ’s initiatives in improving patient care can be evidenced in the large scale COVID testing platform it created during the initial stages of the pandemic. The company partnered with medical practices and pathology labs, set up text registration system, and provided timely online results. The organization even established a work-from-home call center to handle various functions like executing registrations, report results, follow-up care calls, and billing of the COVID tests.

TRIARQ works with medical practices in a highly collaborative way. It customizes its products to suit the needs of the physician. In case a practice needs to add a new function to the management service, the company develops it to perform beyond their expectations. Hence, it continues to push its boundaries to integrate better with its clients.


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Mike Sappington

TRIARQ Health is a physician practice service company that partners with doctors to provide them with modern healthcare services and enables them to deliver a high-value patient care