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James Franklin, CEO Data is emerging as the key lever for oil and gas companies to foster worksites that are both safer and more productive. Forward-thinking organizations are leveraging IoT-driven solutions coupled with visualization software to analyze worksite risks and prevent hazardous incidents. These solutions provide real-time visibility into jobsites, including the workforce and on-field equipment, allowing plant operators and turnaround managers to glean actionable insights for increasing operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

"Data Becomes Powerful When It Is Communicated To The Stakeholders In A Reliable Manner And Actionable Format," Says Franklin. "The Cloud-Based Dashboard Within Spot-R Displays The Captured Data In An Intuitive Way To Provide Field Supervisors And Off-Site Management With A Comprehensive View Of The Workforce, Equipment, Site Operations, And Safety"

With its innovative, people-centric technology solutions and real-time data, Triax is committed to bringing safety, labor productivity, and sustainability to the energy, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

Uncompromised Visibility into Workforce, Site, and Equipment Data

Spot-r®, a complete cloud-based workforce management solution from Triax, features a proprietary blend of devices, network connectivity, applications, and insights to capture, synthesize, and act-on field data. The Spot-r® suite leverages a set of comprehensive data collection devices (including intrinsically safe devices)– that enable organizations to improve worker safety and emergency response, increase labor productivity, and optimize field operations.

"The Spot-r suite leverages a range of IoT sensors that collect data and transmit it into our cloud-based software. This empowers smarter decision making in near real-time," says James Franklin, CEO of Triax Technologies. "Obtaining and leveraging this hard to capture data is critical to increasing safety and optimizing labor productivity for our clients."

Real-time Reliability

For heavy industrial sites, gathering accurate data with legacy devices based on standard wireless and communication technology has traditionally been difficult, if not impossible. The Triax solutions, marked by trustworthiness and high scalability, were purpose-built to overcome these challenges. Spot-r gathers massive amounts of hard-to-capture equipment and workforce data from large, complex oil and gas sites, refineries, and petrochemical sites via sensor technology. It provides data-driven insights and zone-based real-time location services (RTLS) to billing, project management, and contractor management systems, as well as on-site leadership. The data gathered by the platform also enables a digital twin for operations at the work level, both human and machine.

"Data becomes powerful when it is communicated to the stakeholders in a reliable manner and actionable format," says Franklin.
"The cloud-based dashboard within Spot-r displays the captured data in an intuitive way to provide field supervisors and off-site management with a comprehensive view of the workforce, equipment, site operations, and safety." They can access the cloud-based dashboard at any time The suite can be configured to regulate access to worksites, preventing unauthorized visitors from entering the facility and alerting when a worker enters a geofenced zone where they should not be for work.

Life-saving Response Times

The Spot-r Clip™, the flagship connected worker wearable device from Triax, delivers unmatched visibility and data accuracy for supervisors to identify moments of distress and individuals who need assistance. With a push of the SOS button on the device, workers can alert supervisors to hazards or injuries. While the device detects falls and other safety events when workers wear it over their hip, Triax's Spot-r Network™ uses the location information to precisely map that site, enabling faster response times in the event of an accident or emergency. This allows for optimization around work patterns that can cause delays and balloon budget considerations when they're left undetected.

Triax also ensures smart evacuation and mustering with Spot-r, which allows field managers to trigger an alarm to notify each worker that they must leave the site and meet at a muster point. Most often, workers fail to move to the right muster point as instructed. Spot-r helps managers automatically detect if workers have reached safe zones. After using Spot-r, many Triax clients have reduced the time taken for evacuation by up to 72 percent.

Challenging Environments, Optimized Results

Worksites can be more productive by utilizing the Triax real-time location system that locates client equipment, monitors its application, and can validate operator identity. Triax also helps site managers confirm whether workers are in close proximity to enforce compliance with social distancing protocols, making it an invaluable solution during the pandemic.

"What equips us with such a unique capability of uncovering hard-to-capture, accurate data from challenging environments is our collection of extraordinarily rugged devices. They possess the perfect mix of performance capabilities, features, form factor and adaptability to achieve the defined use cases," says Franklin.

With an impressive track record, Triax is leading the industry by connecting workers via innovative devices and supplementing the aggregated data with additional context to create actionable insights. For instance, it captures entry and exit data from turnstiles, high-resolution video cameras using computer vision, and environment data from temperature and humidity sensors to spot obstructions to productivity.
Where Safety and Productivity Become ROI

Spot-r® has the unique distinction of helping clients reduce both the liability of safety incidents and unanticipated equipment downtime, leading to increased safety and productivity levels and better profits.

The Triax solutions often improve labor productivity by over 10 percent on average within the first three months of deployment and help clients make smarter operational decisions and realize quick ROI.

In one instance, Triax partnered with INVISTA—a leading integrated fiber, resin and intermediates company— during a major pre-turnaround event to boost employee productivity and eliminate productivity bottlenecks. INVISTA employed thousands of contractors for the construction and maintenance of its plant in Orange, Texas, during the event. To get materials to their work site, the contractors had to cross a busy access road where big trucks carrying heavy equipment operate. INVISTA leveraged the Spot-r® insights to analyze the worksite data and provide a clear understanding of the movement of vehicles. INVISTA also found that there were unnecessary delays in getting the necessary materials and equipment to job sites.

With these insights, INVISTA moved their equipment to a better space so that contractors could access when they needed it. Spot-r® played an instrumental role in helping INVISTA unlock a 10 percent increase in labor productivity and a profit of $1.5M in contractor productivity.

Delays Take Away From The Bottom Line, And Labor Is Scarce And Increasingly More Expensive. Our Clients Are Saying That Now Is The Time To Make The Investments Needed To Understand How To Maximize Field Productivity

Relentless Pursuit of Success

Over the last ten years, the team at Triax has mastered the art of promoting the safety of workers in dangerous locations while helping clients make the most of the solution through a combination of industry expertise, relevant experience and extensive technical knowledge.

"Our key to innovation is ensuring that we stay current with the needs of our clients to deliver leading-edge user experiences," says Franklin.

Steering ahead, Triax aims to increase its rugged environment data collection options beyond wearable tech and computer vision. Committed to offering a robust workforce optimization platform for oil and gas use cases, it enables clients to get quality work done by the right people at the right time in the right way. Triax provides clients with an opportunity to stay at the forefront of driving profitable operations, now and for the future.

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James Franklin, CEO

Since 2012, Triax Technologies has been working hard to deliver innovative and people-centric solutions to make some of the most challenging worksites safer and more productive. With hundreds of thousands of devices in the field across more than 400 job sites, Triax enables the most hazardous worksites to run their operations in a safer, more productive way.

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