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Ann-Marie Warner-Read, Defence Director
DELL is a Tier one provider of electronic equipment that, unfortunately, allows only other equally massive organizations to purchase the said equipment in bulk. Small to medium-sized companies in the defence and government spaces, on the contrary, do not need a large volume of items such as rugged laptops and monitors. They, instead, require technology that surmounts hundreds of hurdles in security and privacy, which OEMs by themselves, cannot provide. TriCIS steps in to solve this crisis as a partner to OEMs such as DELL and is the helping hand to companies that require military-grade and highly secure technology.

“It can be challenging to figure out a way to surpass the rigid procedures that our clients and large companies like DELL have set into place,” begins Ann- Marie Warner-Read, Defence Director of the company. “TriCIS aims to support the security, independence and interest of Governments, Armed forces and Allied partners. We work with our partners and customers to ensure that your people are at the heart of our mission.” For example one particular project recently required highly customized equipment to be delivered into the defence space, the original internal hardware of the laptops needed to be replaced with securitycompliant devices. The problem with this procedure is the denial of permission to dismantle and replace parts within a laptop due to IEC on the motherboards. As a workaround to this dilemma, TriCIS works within eco-programs at DELL and is thus granted the authority to remove the internal hardware and sell it back to the OEM at a reduced capacity, to be reused in new machines. This is only one among the many challenges that TriCIS helps government agencies to surmount. The prevalence of legacy equipment in these agencies combined with budgets dependent on taxpayer money—that restrict growth in the technological curve—are also tackled deftly by TriCIS via the company’s cost-effective, rugged and non-rugged secure solutions.

Another example of this is the new capability TriCIS have delivered whereby they have implemented state-of-the-art encryption in laptops, working alongside DELL and an encryption partner. When new threats lurk against the nation’s defences, old encrypted devices are not enough to ward these attacks away. The TriCIS team comprises experts who have garnered more than three decades’ worth of experience working within the secure integrated solutions market, and have devised solutions that meet the digital security needs of those on the frontlines and backlines of a nation’s defence. The technology not only provides firewalls to stave off threats in the network but also protects against dangerous external electromagnetic signals that can hamper communications.

TriCIS aims to support the security, independence and interest of Governments, Armed forces and Allied partners. We work with our partners and customers to ensure that your people are at the heart of our mission

“TriCIS is the only supplier of this encryption capability in the UK, and one of only two approved suppliers by the National Cyber Security Centre for the provision of TEMPEST services,” says Ann- Marie.

While such acclamations are a credit to the quality of TriCIS’ services, it still remains to be a people-centric company that gives utmost priority to understanding their customers’ needs. In the ever-dynamic landscape of defence, the challenges will vary from client to client, and as such, a hard sell is never a good business strategy. Following through with this philosophy of flexibility, the TriCIS team does not hesitate to collaborate with other partners when faced with a client order that the team cannot meet.
To get a better grasp of this idea, imagine a situation where employees were required to carry multiple laptops and electronic equipment just to meet the various security conditions placed at different zones of the workplace. Lugging around heavy equipment would not only be a crippling blow to the company’s coffers, but it would also not fit into the work culture of the 21st Century. And yet, this was the conundrum that TriCIS had to solve for one of its clients in the defence industry. Although a solution for the predicament was available in the intelligence community of the United States, it had not been accredited in the UK or Europe. Partnering with DELL and Booz Allen Hamilton, TriCIS are taking this Geofencing solution through a proof of concept for approval of usage. On completion, the solution will not only prove vital for the client at hand but also all the military agencies in the continent.

Even though TriCIS was established as an engineering company three years ago, it has quickly branched into sectors that cover the most pressing needs in the industry. Now, the firm is advancing its portfolio of services to include PCoIP technology, RFID Geofencing capabilities, encryption software, and electromagnetic protection, while still maintaining its roots in bespoke engineering services.


Farnborough, UK

Ann-Marie Warner-Read, Defence Director

TriCIS is a UK sovereign company delivering secure systems integration, incorporating UK CFTCS, MIL Standards and NATO TEMPEST standards. The company provides engineering and design solutions to deliver innovative, accredited information assured platforms. At its heart, its people have in excess of over 30 years of experience in designing and modifying computing, networking and peripheral equipment to meet military and HMG security requirements. TriCIS aims to support the security, independence and interest of Government, MOD and NATO Allied partners