TriCore Solutions: Reliable and Scalable Oracle Managed Services

Mark Clayman, President & COO
Oracle Business Analytics, Middleware, Database, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and many other Oracle services form the backbone of an organization’s IT services today. The need to upgrade, customize, optimize and expand business operations has led companies to adopt flexible and cost-effective solutions. However, incorporating, managing, securing and maintaining these services are a major challenge for small to large enterprises. Addressing these concerns is TriCore Solutions, a firm that delivers integrated and centralized solutions to meet the needs of firms that is built on and delivers cloud-based solutions. “We strive to help companies achieve the full value of their technology investment by applying over 16 years of experience across hundreds of enterprise customers,” says Mark Clayman, President and COO, TriCore Solutions.

TriCore Solutions provides full lifecycle management of the three largest ERP solutions from Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and SAP. TriCore provides tailored solutions to assist clients in getting the most value and efficiency from their ERP investments and ensuring their businesses and reporting are running as efficiently as possible. This frees up resources, time and budget for other IT initiatives.

TriCore’s application database support features included at basetuning, schema management, backup and disaster recovery, and security. TriCore’s ERP solutions include a scalable hosting infrastructure that employs the latest security, performance and reliability. The solutions offered are augmented with TriCore’s ERP professional services team that provides assistance to help organizations meet the ever changing needs of the business. In one use case, TriCore was able to assist a multi-billion dollar customer facing the challenge of trying to allocate more IT spend to innovation versus run and maintain to help them to meet business demands.

We strive to help companies achieve the full value of their technology investment by applying over 16 years of experience of implementing, managing, securing and optimizing Oracle solutions across hundreds of enterprise customers over all major verticals

Like many organizations, the customer was spending close to 90 percent of their budget to run and maintain systems which left only 10 percent of their time and money to innovate and create more value for the business with new technology. TriCore came in and worked with the customer to decrease costs, improve performance to the end users, decrease the run and maintain budget and enable flexibility on the infrastructure. As a result, the customer could focus on innovation strategy. Due to TriCore’s size, the firm is able to channel its efforts towards being a flexible, customer focused organization. As Clayman says, “We have the scale and experience that make us a leader in the service provider industry, however we are small enough to be nimble and customer-friendly when it comes to building partnerships.”

TriCore will continue to expand its service offerings across the entire business and technology stack that Oracle has to offer. “The expansion will help TriCore Solutions acquire more customers and help them to better leverage their Oracle expertise,” concludes Clayman.

TriCore Solutions

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Mark Clayman, President & COO

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