Trilio Data: Future-Ready Cloud Backup for OpenStack

David Safaii, CEO
The cloud-enabled world has seen OpenStack experience tremendous growth in terms of its maturity as a cloud platform. It has evolved into the platform of choice for global enterprises, service providers, and telco’s (e.g. Bloomberg, Comcast, FICO, Walmart, Verizon), providing more power and agility at a significantly lower cost. As distributed applications in the cloud are responsible for their own resiliency and are independent of the underlying infrastructure, cloud applications need robust backup and recovery options. Today, within OpenStack, organizations have limited recovery and resiliency options for their production workloads outside of retrofitting traditional backup products with scripts—adding more storage, manually reconstructing environments and inflating TCO.

To eliminate the adverse impacts of legacy processes on manageability, environmental recoverability, and corporate SLAs, Trilio Data offers TrilioVault, the industry’s first native, downloadable, tenant-level, agentless, backup, recovery, and migration solution for OpenStack clouds. The company’s Data Protection as a Service offering looks and feels like other OpenStack services, making it simple for users to operationalize and manage the use of TrilioVault.

Unlike traditional vendors, Trilio generates full and forever-incremental backups of application containers, single or groups of virtual machines, network configurations, security groups/ policies, metadata, and storage data. As an integral part of recovery, Trilio provides tenant-driven, single-click, and flexible “selective restore” capabilities. The selective restore process discovers target platforms and provides various options to map backup image resources to new platforms like hypervisor clusters and storage volumes.

“Trilio enables organizations to eliminate central IT ticketing and empowers tenants to create and manage their own data protection policies, while adhering to the self-service, scalable, and consumption-based nature of the cloud. Forward-thinking organizations are taking advantage of these offerings to protect their workloads, rather than wasting resources by force-fitting legacy products not built for the cloud,” says David Safaii, CEO of Trilio Data. Furthermore, Trilio helps organizations promote greater use of the coveted, highly-scalable, elastic OpenStack cloud to increase operational cost savings and help drive revenue opportunities. “Trilio’s policy-based approach to protecting data assures that most compliance and regulatory issues are inherently addressed,” adds Safaii.

Trilio’s policy-based approach to protecting applications and data assures that most compliance and regulatory issues are inherently addressed

Taking compliance into consideration, TrilioVault not only protects data but also enables organizations to easily demonstrate the processes used for data protection during an audit. Designed to protect application workloads from data loss and corruption, TrilioVault’s point-in-time capture allows for inplace recovery or workload migration into new availability zones, clouds or to bridge the hybrid cloud gap between test/dev and production.

Trilio in Action

One of Trilio’s Fortune 100 clients needed help with moving production data workloads in a cloud environment. The goal was to achieve this business transformation while ensuring regulatory compliance at every step of the process. Trilio’s nimble approach seamlessly transformed the client’s infrastructure into a future-ready business with the agility to restore services quickly during downtimes and enable a transparent view of the organization’s backup policies.

About Trilio

Trilio is committed to serving as a partner in data protection, backup, recovery, and migration processes. The company’s one-of-a-kind platform enables enterprise IT and cloud service providers to leverage data protection to a business assurance level. With the benefits of faster and reliable recovery, easier migration of workloads between cloud platforms, and simplified virtual cloning of workloads in its entirety, organizations gain a holistic and unified approach towards data backups. Trilio also allows firms to reliably install a data protection platform designed from the ground up to leverage the key attributes of the cloud: multi-tenancy, speed of recovery, flexibility, and scalability.

Trilio Data

Hopkinton, MA

David Safaii, CEO

Offers the only data protection solution in the OpenStack market

Trilio Data