Trilog Group: Building Social Project Management Software to help Manage Complex Projects

CIO VendorAlex Homsi, CEO, Philippe Riand, CTO
Being a chess master who is well versed with making the right moves, Alex Homsi, CEO of Trilog Group was aware of the intricacies that exist in the complex project management realm: The distributed nature of teams, highly volatile environments, and market pressures, amidst pressures on project managers to increase the collaborative capabilities and performance of their teams. Keeping in mind these obstacles, Alex created a state-of-the art technology to knock down the barriers in effective project management -ProjExec®.

“One of the major challenges in developing a product is the existence of multiple touchpoints with numerous organizations within the enterprise,” reveals Alex. The product passes from idea to design, development, marketing, and selling, which is an extremely intricate, and oftentimes invisible, process. Projects may get delayed because project management teams do not identify their resources and the resource gaps, and they do not have the visibility in terms of the portfolio. ProjExec tackles these issues and helps make the projects efficient, and more transparent.

Alex feels that within the project management realm, social media is altering the method people communicate, share, network, and engage. With workforces that are more dispersed and more mobile, companies are turning to social software to empower business professionals. Trilog Group is taking the lead in developing transformational technology that allows social style work to deal with multifaceted business processes. Utilizing IBM’s enterprise social platform as the foundation, Trilog Group has developed its next generation Social Project Management software, ProjExec, to help customers handle complex projects across organizational boundaries. This ground-breaking social project management software adds robust project management capabilities within IBM’s enterprise social platform and the cloud, which empowers project teams and helps them improve efficiencies while leveraging the collective wisdom of the enterprise social network. ProjExec’s Project Wall™ and Social Gantt™ demonstrate Trilog’s continued commitment to innovation, by delivering a Facebook-style social project experience that fosters engagement, and increases productivity and visibility.

We provide Social Project Management software to help IBM customers manage complex projects across organizational boundaries

Over the years Trilog Group has delivered continuous enhancements and new capabilities to its ProjExec clients in various sectors. A perfect example for this is their work with SafeGuard World International, a company that provides global managed payroll, global employment outsourcing and international human resources services. The client found it difficult to manage global projects as it lacked effective tools for multinational communications and real-time visibility into project status. The firm replaced their existing software with ProjExec Live social project management software from Trilog Group running on the IBM Connections Social Cloud (formerly IBM SmartCloud for Social Business) collaborative platform. The solution gave stakeholders around the world the ability to communicate, collaborate and report project status in near-real time, leading to better management decisions and faster time to revenue. “We have been selected because we have the capability and we had the price point which according to the client is eight times cheaper than the nearest competitor,” explains Alex.

“One of the key differentiators of our solution is that we didn’t merely build a social task management tool such as Basecamp. We built very solid, robust, and scalable project management software that is collaborative,” points Alex.

Going forward, Trilog Group wants to target mid-sized and large enterprises that tend to have complex projects. “We are working with IBM to expand the offering to anybody who is interested in developing a social business and that’s the vision we share with IBM. The idea is we need social computing that allows you to transform your business,” concludes Alex.

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Alex Homsi, CEO, Philippe Riand, CTO

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