Trimble [NASDAQ: TRMB]: Manage, Mobilize, and Monitor

Advances in cloud, mobile applications, and augmented and virtual reality are revolutionizing field operations and resources like never before. With the rise of modern Field Service Management (FSM) solutions, driven by the technology forces, growth is in fact indispensible. According to MarketsandMarkets, FSM is expanding at a rapid pace estimated to be valued at over $3.5 billion by 2019. Along with highly scalable centralized FSM system and real-time collaboration, companies today are looking for advanced solutions with improved enterprise efficiencies and reduced operational costs. Besides that, as enterprises realize the value FSM software can bring to an organization as a whole, as well as its employees and shareholders, customer demands and the logistics of managing field teams continue to increase in complexity.

Pioneering in transforming FSM, Trimble has been providing visibility into the entire field and fleet operations, enabling businesses to streamline efficiency, increase productivity and service excellence. As a core facilitator of mission-critical FSM, the firm offers an extensive FSM portfolio that includes workforce management and scheduling, worker safety, performance analytics, fleet management, and mobility solutions that transform the effectiveness of work, workers, and assets in the field. “Construction, real estate, energy, utility and environment are our core areas. We create full-length solutions for the industry, not just in the construction phase but also in the maintenance phase,” says Steven Berglund, CEO of Trimble.

The company offers advanced location-based solutions that can maximize productivity and enhance profitability while serving a variety of industries including agriculture, engineering and construction, transportation, and wireless communications infrastructure. Trimble integrates its positioning expertise in GPS, optical, laser and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Following their mission of transforming how the world’s work gets done through their industry-specific solutions with advanced capabilities, Trimble is at the helm of tackling field services challenges for customers worldwide.

"Trimble PULSE drives improved visibility and information sharing in the field, via out-of-the-box, configurable and customizable mobile applications"

Recently, Trimble assisted Moore Supply Co., a wholesale distributor of premier plumbing products with their exceptional field service solution. With a goal of gathering critical data to improve efficiencies, lower costs and optimize routing, Mesquite, TX, Moore Supply Co. was on the lookout for efficient field service technologies. They wanted a solution to bring their field operations under control and deployed Trimble’s integrated suite of Fleet Management and Work Management cloud-based solutions. Consequently, the client could enhance their work management efficiency and productivity and improve staff utilization and accountability, driver safety, and customer service.

Facilitating End-to-End FSM

From service portals with advanced scheduling and optimization tools to customizable mobile applications and workflows, Trimble PULSE—a suite of end-to-end service management solutions—allows businesses to streamline efficiencies from the back office to the technicians out in the field. The portfolio of solutions include fleet management, service management, asset management, driver safety as well as customizable mobile applications and workflows to offer customers industry-specific, enterprise-level solutions for exceptional performance and ease of use.

Trimble technology can be found in consumer and commercial vehicles, construction equipment, farm machinery, computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and more

Customers can choose from an extensible and flexible portfolio of capabilities that manage, schedule, mobilize, and monitor their workforce to match their individual requirements and depend on Trimble as a single provider for all their field service needs.

Trimble PULSE offers extensive support for the back office operations of a field service organization, allowing for streamlined business processes that are repeatable and predictable. The capabilities allow businesses to manage their customers, calls, service contracts, estimates, and work orders along with assets, inventory and billing, all from one place. It eliminates time-consuming manual processes, reduces room for inconsistencies and ensures that accurate data is shared across the entire business. In turn, this allows the whole business to respond quickly and seamlessly to deliver field service excellence.

The platform allows users to automatically build and dispatch the most efficient schedule and stay on top of work as changes happen throughout the day. Its extensive range of scheduling, shipping, and optimization tools enables a mobile workforce to transform into becoming more competent and efficient. Field service businesses can choose the level of automation they require to manage shifts, tasks, appointments and perform ‘what-if’ analyses on potential schedule changes. Trimble PULSE also ensures that both planned and emergency service work is prioritized and completed first time, as quickly as possible in line with organizational goals such as keeping costs to a minimum or meeting SLAs.

Trimble PULSE drives improved visibility and information sharing in the field, via out-of-the-box, configurable and customizable mobile applications. Fully scalable to meet business and workflow needs, it enables anytime, anywhere access to information and connects mobile workers to the back-office, customers, and equipment in real-time, empowering the entire business to make better business decisions. It also encourages team collaboration and reliable, timely data capture, assisting customers in speeding up time to invoice, tracking work progress throughout the day, and enhancing workflow compliance and standardization throughout the organization.

Making Real-time Intelligent Decisions

As a part of FSM process, service organizations that have multi-vehicle fleets often needs real-time information about their vehicle use which helps them to make informed decisions. Trimble Fleet Management enables managers and supervisors to make intelligent decisions using real-time field status information. Fleet Management offers a range of on-demand information and activity reports on key data such as vehicle location, condition, and mileage. In addition, Fleet Management includes exception alerts which highlight issues such as when a vehicle hasn’t moved or leaves its designated work area.
In an instance, Del-Mar Door Service providing service for automatic and manual doors, hardware, latches were using an outdated fleet management system, lacking many features available in current solutions. They decided to replace it with Trimble Fleet Management solution that assisted the client in offering visibility into daily field service operations. The added advantages were in identifying, managing and improving areas such as driver safety, customer service, back office administration, fuel use and vehicle efficiency. The solution has enabled the managers and supervisors to make intelligent decisions using the real-time location and status of their vehicles, which has enhanced fleet productivity by identifying where improvements can be made to cut costs and boost efficiencies.

Through the Cloud

Trimble is keeping abreast with the fast evolving field service landscape by providing the most innovative technology to the customers. The company is offering the flexibility in deploying software, configuration settings to meet the specific demands of business and information sharing capabilities through their flexible, cloud-based platform—Trimble Horizon. Solving the challenge for many businesses wanting to take advantage of the expanding benefits of technology to minimize risk, future-proof any investment, and ensure they can integrate and add to their portfolio as their organization evolves, Trimble Horizon gives best-in-class FSM solutions coupled with configurable reporting, mobile and integration tools to enable a streamlined, agile organization.

Businesses can control the pace and extent of their technology utilization and take advantage of Horizon’s unique set of functionalities for complete management of a field operation in one place.

Organic Growth for Future

Over the past several years, acquisitions have played a role in Trimble’s strategy, mostly as mechanisms to establish benchmarks in new market spaces, fill in product line gaps, or add new technologies to their solutions portfolio. More importantly, continued innovation and industry domain experience are the primary drivers which allow Trimble to focus on organic growth in the core market segments like engineering and construction, agriculture, the mobile and field workforce, and advanced devices.

Looking ahead, as communications standards, computer technology, and applications software rapidly evolve, Trimble keeps pace, marrying GPS information as well as other positioning technologies to other data sources and types. Today, Trimble engineers worldwide are working on cutting-edge positioning applications that no one could even imagine just a few years ago. With more than 500 products, Trimble continues to lead the way in developing position-centric solutions to address some of the world’s most complex challenges. Trimble’s technology can be found in consumer and commercial vehicles, construction equipment, farm machinery, computers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and more. Innovative applications include dispatching and managing fleets, surveying and building roads, monitoring and mapping earthquake damage, recording and synchronizing international financial transactions, and improving the efficiency of wireless communications networks. Trimble is changing the way work is done by linking positioning to productivity.


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Steven Berglund, President & CEO

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