Trimeteor: A Sustainable Solution for TEOR

Richard B. Graibus, CEO & President
Global oil and gas companies recognize that digital investment is key to achieving operational excellence and staying competitive. As the price of oil dips below $ 45/barrel, continued resource allocation to innovation, development and implementation of new technologies, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, while challenging, should remain a priority as we see evidence of their positive impact on U.S. oil production and the economy.

Trimeteor Oil and Gas Corporation (“Trimeteor”), headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, having recognized this reality, set their sights on solving for the next generation of Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (“TEOR”) using anon-disruptive, sustainable technology that provides economic and environmental advantages such as:

• Reduction in Water Consumption - 75-90 percent
• Reduction in Power Consumption - up to 50 percent
• Increase of 2x the Thermal Energy
• Increase of 3-5x Over Current Production Methods

Over 40 percent of the world’s oil is classified as heavy oil with proven reserves estimated at 8 trillion barrels globally. “We are committed to providing a technological solution to the obstacles encountered in the extraction of heavy oil and revitalizing marginal and stripper wells. The play for more effective production of ‘technically un-recoverable oil’ is an ongoing challenge awaiting better technology,” states Richard Graibus, CEO.

High-pressure conventional steam generators producing less than 100 percent quality steam thermodynamically limit the amount of latent heat produced. Steam dryness has a direct effect on the total amount of transferable energy (represented usually as latent heat) contained within the steam, affecting heating efficiency. The Enhanced QUAD-S generates >100 percent quality, low-pressure, superheated steam, hence a higher enthalpy of evaporation.

Trimeteor’s patented superheated steam (up to 1200F) technology is delivered down the production well which allows for contemporaneous steaming and pumping.
Only after the loss of the superheat degrees will the latent heat contained and protected in the Enhanced QUAD-S “superheat envelope” be released bottom hole transferring thermal energy to the reservoir enabling the heat to travel further into the formation enlarging the steam chamber. “The amount of superheat and latent heat generated is a magnitude greater than that available or created in commercial nuclear power plants, making our system an improved alternative to the saturated steam systems currently in use,” Graibus explains. Therefore, the Enhanced QUAD-S will deliver more BTU’s of latent heat per pound of steam than conventional steam generators.

The play for more effective production of ‘technically un-recoverable oil’ is an ongoing challenge awaiting better technology

Conventional steam flood achieves the thermal energy needed by increasing the “rate of injection” using a significant magnitude of water – the focus is on quantity, not quality. Conservation of water in some countries is a pressing environmental issue. Trimeteor’s solution was to develop a technology that does not demand a sizeable injection rate to produce and deliver the “quality” BTUs (latent heat) necessary to impact oil production. This is accomplished by generating superheated steam at a temperature/pressure that far exceeds the specific volume and enthalpy of saturated steam at the same pressure.

With a decade of design, development and testing this technology, Trimeteor’s future business strategies will be focused on the leasing of their technology to producers of heavy oil and marginal/ stripper wells, revitalization of U.S. depleted fields to enhance value, as well as expressed interests from other countries where existing TEOR has failed to stimulate production. Additionally, Trimeteor offers a unique opportunity to large oil service companies to gain a competitive advantage utilizing the Enhanced QUAD-S in the remediation of paraffinitic wells without the use of hot oils or solvents in the process and reducing the time necessary to restore the well to full production.


Las Vegas, NV

Richard B. Graibus, CEO & President and Douglas Starck, MS, PE, SVP Design & Engineering

Provide a technological solution to heavy oil production and revitalization of marginal and stripper wells