Trinity Guard: Guarding IBM i Cyber Security

Tony Perera, Co-Founder and President
Evolution and advancements in technology are omnipresent, with incumbent players and startups transforming technological possibilities into reality. At the nucleus of today’s technological landscape, IBM marches forward addressing the requirements of the developing tech world while catering to the needs of its existing products in the market like the IBM i. Many organizations from the banking, financial, and health industry—including Fortune 400 and Global 2000 companies—bank on IBM i for their day to day operations. In the wake of the increasing number of security breaches globally, on the flip side, IBM i users are not able to intuitively use its inherent stringent security features. Furthermore, the lack of a network monitoring feature aggravates the need for a security solution for IBM i users, which spurred the conception of Trinity Guard by Tony Perera, the co-founder and president of Trinity Guard. With a passionate focus on IBM i security, Trinity Guard offers security solutions to the niche market utilizing IBM i servers.

Trinity Guard’s products and services serve as a shield against today’s multifarious threats to IBM isecurity. Trinity Guard provides protection from network security vulnerabilities through its product TGSecure. With the network management and access escalation manager features, TGSecure offers protection from both internal and external threats. These features allow monitoring of network traffic and empower customers to permit or block transactions at the server’s socket layer as well as all remote servers. Trinity Guard products have inbuilt mapping and reporting features that ensure cyber security and compliance with numerous regulations, such as PCI and GLBA, saving customers from having to pay hefty fines levied for noncompliance. Customers can also evaluate the system and implement intelligent privilege models that support corporate operations securely, at the command, program, or database file level.

“Like in the Target attack, trying to find an actual cybercrime happening is like finding a needle in a haystack due to the abundance of data to be monitored,” says Perera. TGAudit, a Trinity Guard product focused on compliance monitoring, leverages reporting engines with customization capability to easily identify issues by setting up filters.

Trinity Guard provides inbuilt mapping and reporting features that ensure cyber security and compliance with numerous regulations such as PCI and GLBA

The reporting engines have been very successful with the added benefits of supporting HTML, CSV, and XML formats. The report card feature of TGAudit enables companies with a large number of servers, users, and complex environments to view all reports and data efficiently, in a meaningful summarized format.

Trinity Guard’s intelligence engine is helping create more efficient rules on net blocking and data management. Real-time monitoring and integration with an alerting module enable Trinity Guard to alert customers or third-parties immediately about a breach of security, eliminating the need for manual search and location of the breach.“Trinity Guard is an IBM Independent Service Vendor (ISV) and being a member of the ISV advisory council helps us keep abreast of the latest IBM upgrades,” adds Perera.

Following an aggressive roadmap, Trinity Guard intends to develop additional components from a security point of view during the summer, inclusive of authority setting from servers, an additional module for simplifying profile management, use of provisioning across multi-servers, and a product for centralized management of components.“Trinity Guard also aims to execute initiatives across platforms, utilizing Linux and AIX to spread awareness about cybersecurity and regulatory compliance,” says Perera.

Without disregarding the WannaCry virus attack, Trinity Guard acknowledges the importance of educating customers about cybersecurity risks. Trinity Guard is working on combating the increased security risk-prone open source initiatives that IBM is currently exploring. Leveraging the synergistic collaboration with IBM, Trinity Guard endeavors to enhance its products to get better services delivered to their end users.

Trinity Guard

Houston, TX

Tony Perera, Co-Founder and President

Provides cyber security, regulatory compliance to meet critical business needs of IBM i.

Trinity Guard