Trinity Technology Group: Purpose-built Solutions for Agile Projects

Stephen V. Williamson, Chief Innovation Officer
Trinity Technology Group, Inc. (TrinityTG) is a boutique IT consulting firm providing complete project lifecycle services that integrate new and existing automation to deliver business solutions for justice and public safety, health and human services, natural resources and energy, and government operations. TrinityTG’s hybrid approach combines end-toend business analysis with Agile techniques applied to fixed-price contracted projects.

“We also address the false expectations clients may have that agile lessens the need for planning, thinking, exploring alternatives, or having cooperation between the organization’s business and technology sides,” Randy Duart, CEO, TrinityTG.

TrinityTG authored a hybrid manifesto using agile techniques within a framework of a fixed-price deliverables-based contract.

To that end, TrinityTG always prepares the ground through their endto- end business analysis before the build process. The analysis requires topdown collaboration with the executive management to understand the key performance indicators or business motivators and work with the subject matter experts bottom-up to gain intricate insights necessary to provide the precise solution. This amalgamation of the top-down and bottom-up approaches drives the best results.

This methodology prioritizes simulation tools to quickly and efficiently verify the user interface over early coding. Business analysts are empowered to challenge assumptions before writing specifications; writing code quickly gives a false measure of actual progress toward a solution.

TrinityTG uses a reference framework of functionality— comprising questions structured for specific subject areas the solution needs to address and straw models to elicit what management and staff rather than offering a blank whiteboard to ask, “what do you want”?
Building on collaboration for end-to-end business analysis, TrinityTG works with the client’s program area managers, enterprisewide executives, SMEs, and technology directorship to define the minimum viable product. This is followed by structuring the backlog into increments of build, aka sprints. Each sprint leaves room for “just in time” finalization of features and functions.

We’re driven by intellectual curiosity and leverage the latest technology and techniques to help clients develop and implement purpose-built technology-enabled solutions for real business problems

This balances certainty with the flexibility promised by Agile. Within every build sprint, there is a “last chance” verification of what will be built. A robust DevOps platform enables continuous testing and integration plus allows client staff hands-to perform hands-on testing and training material preparation before all build is complete. Each sprint concludes with lessons learned exercises to improve design finalization and build going forward.

Fearless in its approach, TrinityTG doesn’t hesitate to try and test new technologies and methodologies to satisfy client requirements. “We’re driven by intellectual curiosity and leverage the latest technology and techniques to help clients develop and implement purpose-built technologyenabled solutions for real business problems,” says Stephen Williamson, chief innovation officer, TrinityTG.

Trinity Technology Group

Sacramento, CA

Stephen V. Williamson, Chief Innovation Officer

Trinity Technology Group resolves challenges related to new technologies, techniques, and integrative new platforms into clients’ existing infrastructure acting as an unbiased strategic partner to clients that believes in early and complete transparency. It conducts end-to-end business analysis and has a reference framework of functionality

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