Trisotech: Transforming Organizations to “Digital Enterprises”

Denis Gagné, CEO and CTO \\
As organizations are transforming themselves into digital enterprises through adoption of different technologies, they often struggle to realign themselves around their basic goals—customers, knowledge, process, and innovation. “Enterprises should relentlessly be customer-centric in their goals to attract, delight and retain them by understanding the customer’s digital journey,” says Denis Gagné, CEO and CTO, Trisotech. “Enterprises should also standardize and automate routine business processes for efficient operations, driven by analytics and intelligent automated decision making,” he adds. With over a decade of experience and expertise in Business Process Management Trisotech, a Montreal, QC, Canada based company helps these enterprises to realize their basic goals by analyzing, modeling and continuously improving their technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, IoT, big data, and more. In short, the company provides new and revolutionary ways for digital enterprise knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in this increasingly global and connected world.

The core offering from Trisotech is the Digital En¬terprise Suite and it provides easy-to-use busi¬ness-centric tools for discovering, modeling, analyz¬ing and finding in¬sights into the way ent e r pr i ses do work. “It helps track all the entities of an enterprise from people to technologies that are involved in executing the task,” says Gagné. “It also helps identify synergies, responsibilities, risks, dependencies and impacts of any changes across the enterprise,” he adds.

The Digital Enterprise Suite is comprised of four primary components: The Discovery Accelerator; BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) Modeler and CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation) Modeler— the most-recognized industry modeling standards; and Insight Analyzer. Business managers use Discovery Accelerator to outline enterprise goals and responsibilities, along with the strategies to achieve them, and they use Insight Analyzer to discover risks and synergies. Business Architects use Discovery Accelerator to model business architecture and process improvement concepts, and the BPMN and CMMN Modelers to further define process and case models. Enterprise Architects use Discovery Accelerator to document enterprise capabilities, roles and information to map existing enterprise models into a common model for use by both business and IT teams.
Process Analysts use the BPMN and CMMN Modelers to create process and case models for analysis, simulation, documentation and automation. Digital Enterprise Suite offers all these advantages and comes with intuitive and simple-to-use interfaces for integrating, visualizing, analyzing, and synthesizing digital enterprise information. “This deeper understanding helps enterprises to ensure alignment, identify gaps, predict impacts and know which things to improve in order to steer a course toward desired business outcomes,” states Gagné.

Trisotech’s experience in business process redesign and process innovation has immersed it in the best practices of multiple industries and business models. For instance, an internationally renowned home décor manufacturer with over 300 retail locations, more than 100,000 employees, and external suppliers needed to standardize processes to ensure goods supplied were delivered using the same practices regardless of location. By selecting Trisotech the client immediately updated its legacy model software to BPMN and developed new models that are easily recognized across many industries. “Through this the client got a desired control and visibility of critical processes through clearly-defined shared workflows,” extols Gagné.

We provide new and revolutionary ways for digital enterprise knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in this increasingly global and connected world

“Trisotech is already well known as a background driving force - a workhorse in the industry,” says Gagné. Digital transformation does not just mean converting physical assets to digital counterparts, but includes creating new business models and forms of customer engagement, leveraging knowledge worker abilities and digital information, and driving innovation. “Looking into the future, we can see Trisotech playing an increasing role in supporting organizations transforming to Digital Enterprises,” he concludes.


Montreal, QC, Canada

Denis Gagné, CEO and CTO \\

Trisotech provides tools and services to help organizations transform to Digital Enterprises.