Tritan Software: Leading Innovator in the Marine Industry

Tritan Software is one of the leading health and safety management software providers in the marine industry. Over the last few years they have successfully launched industry changing solutions that are specifically designed for the unique challenges facing vessel operators.

The company’s patented technology can operate in environments where connectivity is limited, and the need for better communication is high. Its clients operate in every ocean of the world, sailing to more than 1,000 ports.

“The maritime industry has traditionally lagged behind most major industries in regard to technology. However, with maritime operations becoming more complex and competitive, a sudden awakening regarding digitization is underway. The industry has long needed the right solutions, and that is where we are making a difference,” says Andrew Carricarte, president, CEO, Tritan.

Tritan has architectured three comprehensive platforms to support the unique needs of its clients. First is the SeaSafe Management Platform, an innovative safety, and environmental management system; this powerful solution provides users with key insights to meet compliance and industry requirements while implementing a prevention-focused and qualitybased approach that the industry has traditionally lacked. Next is the SeaCare Health Platform, a GDPR- and HIPAAcompliant platform that focuses on every aspect of health and wellness, from onboard medical issues with guests and crew to telehealth for commercial vessels, which don’t have medical professionals onboard. The company also launched SeaConsult; a new telehealth solution provided at no cost to all clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This crucial tool allowed onboard staff to securely conduct virtual cabin visits with onboard crew and guests for all suspected cases using a laptop or mobile device.

Another offering by Tritan is the SeaEvent Management Platform, providing comprehensive incident management for health, environmental, safety, security and technical events. Customers can gain critical insights into how to record, manage and report all the incidents that happen globally across their vessels.

“Tritan customers are operating worldwide across remote international waters including geographically dispersed locations and jurisdictions.
The ability to help clients manage and operationalize all of this information regarding the critical areas of health and safety, makes us different from what is available in the industry,” says Carricarte.

One major issue plaguing the marine industry is the need for specialized software to capture and process information from large fleets of vessels across the globe while complying with the ever-changing regulations and stringent compliance standards. Tritan’s solutions are designed to address this market need. They have the ability to synchronize information across moving vessels all over the world, aggregate them shoreside, and present them through intuitive dashboards and operational workflows across an integrated platform. This allows their users to understand and manage what’s happening on their ships 24/7.

We have an unmatched capability to deliver highly specialized solutions that help our clients meet the ever-changing needs and unique demands of the maritime industry. We are especially effective within the underserved, yet critical areas of health and safety

Tritan’s solutions are currently used by 97 percent of the cruise industry and some of the world’s largest ship management companies in commercial shipping. More than four million events are managed within its software platforms annually. Tritan has truly become a trusted name in the marine industry for these areas and is seemingly well poised to capitalize on their evolution.

“We are a highly innovative company, constantly pushing the edge to make our solutions more robust and bring new features and approaches to our clients. The need is long overdue for these solutions and we see an evolving industry that is wide open. Our belief is that we are in the absolute best position to deliver these needs and meet the ever-increasing demand,” says Carricarte.

Tritan Software

Miami, FL

Andrew Carricarte, President, CEO, Tritan Software.

Tritan is the industry's leading provider of Safety and Health software and services. With a fast-rising presence in the Commercial Shipping & Offshore industries, Tritan presently supports over 95 percent of existing Cruise Lines. Tritan Software is a privately held firm headquartered in Miami, Florida, with employees located across strategic regions in over 20+ countries

Tritan Software