TriTech Enterprise Systems: Catalyzing IT Initiatives with Business Process Improvement

Randolph Williams, Jr. President
TriTech Enterprise Systems has played a substantial role since its inception in IT consulting and business process improvement through its full range of professional services that help clients evolve their IT and network infrastructures. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, the company delivers cost-effective results and enhances business performance by employing a unique and customized approach to each project with the best of agile, Kanban methods, and business process flows. “We help clients gain competitive advantage by assisting them in all aspects of IT including planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, and security of information systems,” explains Randolph Williams Jr., President, TriTech Enterprise Systems. The company helps clients build a framework for systems, resources, and facilities concentrating on optimizing business and IT services to achieve business goals.

TriTech offers extensive experience in areas such as software applications, operations and maintenance (O&M), enterprise architecture (EA), web development and integration services, and content management. In the IT consulting and business analysis area, the firm provides enterprise systems and asset management, client/ server application design and development, business process improvement, and migration plans and strategies alongside help desk support. “We provide performance and measurement training to the management and teams involved in order to aid them with continuous improvement and management of the business process,” delineates Williams. Through TriTech’s network infrastructure services, clients can manage the entire network administration to ensure smooth operations.

Likewise, clients benefit from TriTech’s project and data management services while ensuring security of data through information assurance. Clients get a unique balance of software development life-cycle and agile methodology for iterative and collaborative concepts throughout the project to reduce costs by ensuring alignment of project goals and end-user needs. In addition to IT consulting, the company offers accredited Kanban coaching and training to improve service delivery and help clients enhance the quality of their service resulting in more satisfied customers.

TriTech credits its success to the strong relationships it holds with its customers and staff.

We help clients gain competitive advantage by assisting them in all aspects of IT including planning, analysis, design, development, and security of information systems

“Quick responses to our customer needs, open communication, proactive suggestions and approaches, and actively measuring our customer satisfaction index have been our key differentiating factors,” says Williams.

Over the years, TriTech has served multiple state and federal government agencies as well as private sector customers with its rich experience in information systems. As a specific example of TriTech’s integration engineering efforts, TriTech once collaborated with a government agency to design new and innovative business processes keeping in mind their goals, capability, demand, and workflow. “We evaluated and proposed a new research and development system comprising several enterprise systems like disaster recovery, storage area networks, and virtual servers that increased the capacity and operational effectiveness of the entire agency,” says Williams. The project enabled the agency to deliver a complex open source API product to the public. TriTech also trained and supported the development and management team on how to use the Kanban method that helped them improve lead times from 67 percent to 90 percent.

Currently, TriTech is supporting five pilot projects for secure cloud implementations in order to meet the high security needs of current and future customers. Moving ahead, the company will focus on providing services to the defense industry. “We recently won a government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) whereby we will be pursuing a Facility Clearance, enhancing our accounting systems to accommodate new workload, and working with new partners,” concludes Williams.

TriTech Enterprise Systems

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Randolph Williams, Jr. President

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