Troux: Improved Scalability for Enterprise Architecture

David Hood, CEO
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is globally recognized as a strategic component of every organization,” begins David Hood, CEO at Troux. To sustain in globally connected markets, where innovations occur at an unparalleled rate, businesses and IT are revamping their outworn approaches to planning and executing transformations. “Because of the rapid pace of change and acceleration in restructuring and consolidation, CIOs must be able to quickly respond to business needs and requests,” asserts Hood. Austin, TX based Troux develops solutions for the EA market exclusively to help companies strategically plan for their business transformations such as mergers, acquisitions or expansion into global markets. “Troux gives the CIOs the enterprise visibility and control required to rapidly restructure and drive IT at the pace of business change,” delineates Hood.

Troux Transformation Platform—an open-architected repository and software solution—helps IT manage the vast array of technology deployed within the company. It enables Troux customers to use the suite of applications and advanced integration platform within the product architecture to deliver bottom-line results. The platform ensures that the process of decision-making is carried out in a controlled manner, demonstrating how investments made in information, technology, applications, people, and processes support organizational goals and strategies. The firm has been instrumental in implementing its repository to a number of companies.

Repository-based content can be incorporated and queried into Troux Architect visual models. Troux Architect—a desktop visual modeling environment for enterprise architects—creates models and analytical tools to promote the communication and analysis of the intricate aspects of the enterprise. It is purpose-built to typify organizations, information, processes, technologies and their interrelationships as they exist currently, as well as communicate how they will be transformed in the future. “Our solutions provide a great combination for today’s IT leaders who are looking to integrate planning, execution, and architecture,” emphasizes Hood.

Furthermore, Troux 12, an application portfolio management solution, enables enterprise architects drive business transformation with enhanced data visualizations, revamped portfolio management, and untangled application integration.

Our solutions will provide a great combination for today’s IT leaders who are looking to integrate planning, execution, and architecture

Developed in partnership with customers, the solution quickly identifies actionable rationalization opportunities and deployment phases to curtail business disruptions. The expanded transition planning support in Troux 12 provides a plan of record for stakeholders, viz: enterprise architects and project managers, to track certain usage of an application over time and discerns if it needs to be replaced. It adds application assessments that allow users analyze and compare applications using configurable, user-defined metrics to highlight opportunities for investment and improvement.

Vindicating such expertise, Troux assisted Cisco as they wanted a massive amount of raw simplification for their system, processes, organizations, and operating models. “Because of the speed at which we were moving, the complexity grew exponentially,” explains Russ Conway, Director of Business Architecture, Cisco. With Troux’s approach, combined with an architecture framework and reference model, to establish a common understanding to interpret business models and requirements across the organization resonated strongly. The redundancies and inefficiencies in the organization were quickly identified and decisions were made faster with greater confidence.

The firm’s vice-like focus on delivering business value helps shaping the way businesses look at IT projects and the value these initiatives bring to strategic planning. “We serve many companies and meet the demanding and intersecting needs of IT and business stakeholders, and ultimately change the way our clients invest and operate,” concludes hood.


Austin, TX

David Hood, CEO

Enables business model transformations and business outcomes by maximizing the impact of technology investments