Troux Technologies: Redefining Business Processes with Enterprise Intelligence

With the business dynamics changing rapidly, companies are adopting Enterprise Architecture (EA) to redefine business structures and processes. By leveraging EA, companies are able to better connect with their business units to fulfill the organization’s goals. “EA is helping executives make well-informed decisions and communicate the cost of change, impact of change, and benefit of change to stakeholders, leading to better business outcomes,” begins David Hood, CEO, Troux Technologies. There is a need to change the way business processes function and the way organizations are applying this reformation to make businesses run effectively.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Troux Technologies focuses on delivering new levels of clarity in order to change the entire structure of the business processes. “At Troux Technologies, we add momentum to the newly defined offerings by enabling EA to facilitate executive decision-making and help organizations to meet their business needs,” says Hood. The company assists enterprises make informed decisions that maintain growth and increase competitive agility. “We support complex businesses with greater speed and fewer resources,” he adds.

The company’s Architect, a desktop visual modeling environment, helps enterprise architects to create models and analytical tools that promote the communication and analysis of the most complex aspects of the enterprise. It works on business processes, information, technologies and their inter-relationships. Troux Technologies further offers Insight, a powerful interactive and ad-hoc analysis engine for business analysts that allows executives gain a better understanding and make effective decisions. “With the help of Insight, users gets better visibility across operations and can perform real-time, dynamic, ad-hoc analysis of an organization’s business and technology assets,” says Hood.

We enable business leaders to make well-informed decisions and better communicate the cost, impact, and benefit of change to stakeholders

The company also offers Navigate which provides business analysts and enterprise architects with an advanced report creation environment. “It supplies a comprehensive view of the IT landscape in the context of the business,” says Hood. Troux Navigate supports the ability to browse, search, edit, and report against data stored in Troux’s centralized repository TrouxSource.
David Hood, CEO
In addition, Troux Technologies’ consulting services help companies understand the needs of the enterprise and leverage their unique approach to quickly deliver business value. The company’s suite of professional services includes planning and deployment, project management, and best-practices consulting.

Since inception, Troux Technologies has been helping clients in the EA arena with its enterprise-class solutions. For instance, Molina, a managed care company, faced several issues in terms of identifying risks which impacted the overall organization. “One of the big problems that the company had was EA would look at architectural reviews for project too late, leading to delays,” says Hood. After implementing Troux’s solution, the client was able to develop a forward-moving strategy and improved its quality of information and decision making. Molina’s EA team leveraged Troux to drive technology strategy and better business outcomes.

Troux Technologies differentiate itself with the kind of solutions they provide enterprises to manage their business and technical strategies. “At Troux Technologies, we bring value through dashboard reporting and analysis, tailored to customer focus and maturity. We provide valuable resources to our customers with dedicated practice directors who take time to understand business structure and strategies,” claims Hood.

Moving forward, Troux Technologies plans to enhance its offerings and introduce new products in the field of cyber security that would provide essential insight into technology risk gaps and change the way businesses make decisions. The company is focused on addressing points of exposure across the technology portfolio and helping business leaders meet their objectives.

Troux Technologies

Austin, TX

David Hood, CEO

A software vendor that provides tools and services in the areas of enterprise architecture and strategic planning for large enterprises