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Paul Troisi, CCO
As more employees and senior management want the ability to integrate their personal devices with their professional activities, BYOD has become a reality in most organizations. However, allowing personal devices at work opens up a world of new security risks that needs to be attended before BYOD is implemented in an organization.

“Regardless of size, organizations need to look deeply into their business units and processes to understand whether they have a strong enough risk tolerance for a BYOD offering. There has to be sufficient trust and collaboration between employees and the executives in the organization to get an offering off the ground. Hence, proper mobility solutions and consensus on the business is the need of the hour for the BYOD sector,” Paul Troisi, CCO, Troy Mobility.

Troy is a mobility solution company that specializes in providing consulting, professional services and value-added relationships that span the entire mobile ecosystem spectrum. Since 2010, the company has focused on providing sup¬port and services to customers desirous of extending their mobile reach. Those services include bringing customers and prospects the "best of breed" enterprise mobility management platforms, managed mobility services, comprehensive lifecycle management solutions, and a strategic mobility-consulting capability to guide customers about recent trends and new application development. “We have designed our operations to deliver a very timely response to our prospects and clients, to be technically deep in mobility, and to understand the functional differences and the needs that are driven off those differences,” adds Troisi.

As an experienced value-added reseller and solution provider, Troy Mobility has been successful in helping companies understand the best mix of platforms, products, deployment options, and costs to get them from inquiry to project completion.
“Since we are not bound to any one particular solution, we believe in listening to the problems of the customer.” Understanding the technical capabilities of the users has become increasingly important. Troy Mobility believes that training and open communication have become critical components to a successful BYOD deployment and, if done correctly, can help drive efficiencies and embracement in helping a company become a Mobile First organization.

"One of the most important aspects of our mobility consulting practice is to understand the trends, and the impact those trends have on the enterprise,” says Troisi. “With the recent explosion of smart¬phones and tablets, it is critical that the correct resources are engaged early in the mobility project lifecycle." All of Troy’s clients have benefitted from its unique solutions.

The company has concentrated on the mid-market section where the time from decision to completion is often much shorter, and the ability to create a "trusted advisor" role is more likely. “We approach our clients with a conversation, not a sales pitch. Once we are able to understand their short and long-term challenges, we can provide the necessary services to help them,” says Troisi. For the road ahead, the company will continue to dedicate their efforts to serve the mid-market sector. “We will continue to look for solutions that help solve critical business challenges for our customers, and stay ahead of the curve by closely following emerging mobile technologies,” concludes Troisi.

Since we are not bound to any one particular solution, success boils down to listening to the customer’s needs and mapping the very best solution

Troy Mobility

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Paul Troisi, CCO

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