True Interaction: Delivering High-Impact Results with Interaction Fundamentals

Liam Wright, Founder
Organizations today have started to replace legacy systems with more contemporary cloud-based solutions, and when it comes to choosing a business process platform that is secure, flexible, robust, and relatively user-friendly, Salesforce is often on the radar for procurement and implementation. Regardless, some senior executives may be reluctant to implement new platforms into their organization’s infrastructure, foreseeing daunting costs, timelines, roadblocks, or a substantially altered or irreparable business process.

However, according to Liam Wright, Founder of True Interaction, a business development consultancy, these concerns are easily mitigated. “Implementing and integrating new platforms within existing infrastructure is quite easy, given you clearly understand the underlying information architecture of your business, and how that information is processed across departments, customers and vendors daily.” And this is precisely where NYC-based True Interaction comes into play. “We first identify the friction points of interaction between platforms, processes, and people; and second, pinpoint how investment can be best employed for high-impact ROI,” says Wright. “Our clients find no difficulty installing upgrades, since the solutions are tailored to fit intuitively.”

True Interaction, as their name reflects, creates situations where platforms, processes, and people work in conjunction seamlessly. “It’s all about the fundamentals–in order to true-up interaction. Simply put, to ensure the right information is passed to the right person, at the right time, so they can make timely sound decisions, considering the organization primary objectives,” says Mr. Wright. With this, True Interaction re-architects individual business functions to operate better together – by integrating, automating, and mobilizing information and functions on a global scale. A True Interaction Whiteboard Session captures the hidden transactional needs of systems, employees, managers, vendors, and customers, in order to construct viable applications, setting foundations to achieve the once unachievable.

One reason True Interaction has been making its presence felt across industries and organizations today is its proprietary methodologies – assessing a company’s ‘Total Functional Value’ and then ‘Inverting Output Ratios.’

Investment should always seek the security of lowrisk, high-return outcomes, especially when it comes to your company’s people, process, and platforms

“Numerous organizations are stranded with a project for months to years; this negatively impacts company operations, and even morale,” explains Wright. “Some scramble to find out-of-the-box solutions; or slog through daily manual operations, ultimately grinding to a halt. We can invert this – so clients can do more with less – boosting performance 10x while cutting waste 70 percent,” Wright adds with optimism. True Interaction cuts, adds, and augments the platforms, processes, and people that shackle latent potential. “We assess the performance ratio of our clients’ business infrastructure. By doing this, we can easily design comprehensive Salesforce solutions.”

Farmer & Company – the company the ‘wrote the book’ on media industry pricing – worked with True Interaction to streamline their customer on-boarding process. While their manually-driven account management process was sound, the out-of-the-box Salesforce experience posed an adoption hurdle for new customers. “In this light, we ran our process to architect a whole new customer experience,” says Wright. As a result, Farmer & Company acquired the capability to on-board and retain target clients, who could now easily setup and manage their $B media budgets.

In the coming years, True Interaction will remain focused on quantifying the value they bring to their clients. “We’re at a stage where we can walk into any company, assess the functional value of their platforms, process and people – and re-architect low-risk, high-impact solutions that have a direct correlative effect on key performance indicators,” concludes Wright, “and this is a wonderful space to be in, because it’s so easy to achieve the results we seek. Our clients’ consistent success inspires us to continue to win every time.”

True Interaction

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Liam Wright, Founder

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