TrueCloud: Optimized NetSuite Solutions Ensuring Optimal Performance

Companies across industries are overwhelmed with the availability of new technologies. There is an increasing competition to augment productivity and gain success. NetSuite’s cloud-based business management software is one such disruptive technology which is continually innovating to deliver unique competence to drive businesses. Providing NetSuite solution since 2008, TrueCloud, a company headquartered in Tempe, AZ, offers cloud-based application integration, productivity and telephony solutions. “We offer comprehensive services in the NetSuite landscape including the implementation and optimization of cloud based software applications, IT strategy and planning services, and data extraction and integration,” says Mark Wenig, CEO, TrueCloud.

We offer comprehensive services in the NetSuite landscape including the implementation and optimization of cloudbased software applications, IT strategy and planning services, and data extraction and integration

TrueCloud, with its strong partnership with NetSuite, offers business-first approach toward NetSuite implementation enabling their customers to customize the execution with the help of an experienced professional services team. The company provide solutions for NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and eCommerce. TrueCloud helps their clients to get prepared before the execution, formulating well defined management goals. The company offers onsite and remote post-implementation assessment services to the users. An organization’s goals and current operations are analyzed to present a deeper insight into how NetSuite can help enhance the growth of business. The analysis benefits the customers to increase their revenues and minimize their inefficiencies.

Additionally, on-site training is provided to improve retention and employee productivity. The training programs are designed in such a way that customers are on par with the latest technological innovations. Since, NetSuite is a comprehensive tool, there are two types of training programs presented i.e. Role-Based Training and Specialized Training. This serves as the platform to present clients’ employees with the skills they need to get the most out of NetSuite.
Through its advanced customization and integration services, TrueCloud aligns NetSuite according to the business needs of an organization and helps integrate the clients’ legacy applications with today's cutting edge platforms. The integration of the clients’ on-premise applications with NetSuite present them a real-time accessibility to the information needed to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the company has an extensive knowledge of NetSuite eCommerce. There are several advanced eCommerce modules from TrueCloud such as On-line Scheduling, Responsive Design, Attribute-guided Search, Schematic Search, and Dynamic Content Association.

TrueCloud also offers strategic planning services to optimize NetSuite solutions and help organizations meet their business needs. “TrueCloud's Strategic Planning Services can help you address your technology infrastructure, prepare for the acquisition of a new company or transition to the cloud,” adds Wenig. In line with this, the company also renders a month of unlimited phone support after the adoption of new processes and practices.

The easy-to-use cloud solutions offered by TrueCloud has helped many companies achieve a better ROI (Return- On-Investment), maximizing the NetSuite investment. In a highlight of the company’s effective NetSuite implementation, a customer witnessed 35 percent decrease in operating expenses and 50 percent reduction in overdue customers after embracing TrueCloud. TrueCloud’s unique structured process to analyze the customer’s business and implement NetSuite solution supported its growth in a competitive industry.

Integration of NetSuite through TrueCloud allowed their clients to use one system with process and integration across the board. The company helped them automate their business to enhance growth through effective processes, consistency, and essential information about the implementation.

TrueCloud is a competent NetSuite solution provider and their team of experienced professionals have completed hundreds of successful NetSuite implementation. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive cloud business solutions that meet our customers' needs with unmatched customer focus, satisfaction, and success,” concludes Wenig.


Tempe, AZ

Mark Wenig, CEO

Provider of comprehensive cloud computing solutions and services