TruOps: Comprehensive cloud-based platform for Security and Risk Management

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Ajay Gupta, CEO
Businesses are embracing digital transformation to stay competitive and fuel growth. While the C-suite is driving these transformative initiatives, the scale and complexity of technology and security threats have brought risk management to the forefront. These risks are across a number of digital platforms. The growth of mobile and social for product and service delivery creates additional threats. Businesses are increasingly susceptibile to cyberattacks as they leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and expose their systems, processes and data on the internet. Organizations are sharing more data. This is leading to increased privacy risks and regulatory compliance burden to address the risk of personal and corporate data being compromised. Lastly, most organizations are networked with a variety of suppliers who provide business and technology process and support services. This creates additional risks and an increased regulatory burden on organizations to validate those third parties’ controls and compliance. These new set of digital risks cannot be addressed in isolation and require an integrated approach to cyber risk management. TruOps was built to address this need.

TruOps is a software-as-a-service solution that is designed to allow an organization to manage their cyber risk, compliance, audit finding sand security processes and provides a single integrated pane of glass view to an organization’s risk and compliance posture.

TruOps brings a holistic approach to helping clients manage cyber risk. Ajay Gupta, the company’s CEO states, “We leverage integration, intelligence, automation and machine learning to quickly respond to threats and mitigate them. TruOps’ intelligent integration and automation connects policy, risks and security to ensure that the security controls deployed by organizations are working effectively.”

We leverage effective integration, intelligence, automation and machine learning to quickly respond to any threats and mitigate them

The platform helps identify business-critical assets, assess the threats to these assets and efficiently mitigates them.

TruOps helps to assimilate all regulations, standards, policies, controls, assets and assessments in one place and digitize the entire risk, security and compliance assessment process. A major financial institution which used to carry out risk assessments manually using a time-consuming and labor-intensive process took up to nine months to complete one annual assessment! TruOps was used to not only streamline the overall risk management process but also reduce the cycle time for assessments to a mere six weeks and increased the team’s efficiency by over 60 percent.

It is evident that TruOps strives and excels in promoting and instilling security and risk management through its innovative platform and its security & risk management professional services partners. The Company also aims at expanding its clientele and enabling a simplistic, robust, and secure approach to the digital transformation of enterprises. “We are integrating with more source systems and facilitating a secure digital transformation journey for our clients.” concludes Gupta.


Norwalk, CT

Ajay Gupta, CEO

TruOps is an integrated risk management platform built to drive quick time to value and not get bogged down by over engineered, complex implementations. TruOps is an exceptionally adaptive and simple to use platform created by risk, identity and security professionals. Our vision is to combine risk management with insider and external threat intelligence to give enterprises a holistic view of risk. TruOps leverages intelligence and automation to drive real time actions and enable proactive management of risk to reduce negative impact to any organization