TSC Advantage: Holistic Approach to Enterprise Security Resiliency

Sean Doherty, President & Founder
In today’s data-driven era, businesses are increasingly becoming susceptible to information breaches and security threats. Although enterprises invest considerably in defensive measures such as firewalls or anti-virus solutions for securing their valuable assets, they may underestimate the vulnerabilities that emanate from other access points. “Threat trends, such as the explosion of ransomware and the exploitation of supply chain weaknesses, are not static,” says Sean Doherty, President, TSC Advantage. “Yet, we continue to see the standard corporate response is often limited to advance malware detection programs or legacy endpoint protection without understanding actual risks and weaknesses.” To defend valuable data against dynamic cyber attacks, businesses must focus on successfully identifying the areas of elevated risk across multiple enterprise domains, particularly from trusted insiders and external business dependencies.

“We hear from CIOs about budgetary challenges and organizational skills constraints coupled with outsourcing risks. By framing cyber security as an enterprise risk issue and not just an IT issue, we help CIOs make the business case for proactive investments and departmental due diligence that will prevent loss of intellectual property, damage to the brand, and possible devaluation,” asserts Doherty. Businesses interested in achieving cyber resilience so they can both prevent and recover from breaches, can look to Washington, DC-area firm TSC Advantage, which provides enterprise risk assessment and cyber security consulting across business and technical layers.

Using the firm’s patent-pending and U.S. SAFETY Act-designated Threat Vector Manager (TVM) methodology and Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA), TSC experts analyze risk across six fundamental domains to provide an objective 360 degree view of current security posture. “By assessing insider threats, physical security, mobility, data security, internal and external business operations, TSC identifies vulnerabilities in the people, processes and technology of an enterprise,” states Doherty. TVM’s “Find-Fix-Protect” approach produces an industry benchmarked risk profile score and domain maturity level within the six enterprise domains.

At TSC, we assess vulnerabilities across six major domains— insider threats, physical security, mobility, data security, internal and external business operations

With detailed findings, customers are equipped to exceed compliance requirements, make better informed security resource decisions, qualify for lower cyber insurance rates, and create a cross-departmental security approach for greater resiliency.

Mapped to meet the NIST Cyber Security Framework, various national and international standards, and industry-specific best practices, “TVM and the ESA can identify the most serious threat vectors to data, as well as the limitations of any existing policies and controls protecting it,” comments Doherty. One Fortune 50 company used the TSC assessment methodology to identify and contain the source of international supply chain leaks and enterprise-wide vulnerabilities that had caused persistent compromises to new products prior to launch. Another company, one of the nation’s largest utilities, developed its entire security plan based on what it learned in a TSC assessment. It earned kudos from its board, had an action plan to justify spending and hiring, and received a reduction on cyber insurance renewal due to its efforts.

Viewing cyber insurance as another tool in the enterprise risk mitigation toolbox, TSC Advantage helped pioneer the Critical Asset Protection (CAP) facility designed to address the cyber liability exposures within the U.S. utility and energy sector. TSC continues to strengthen its synergy with global underwriters by providing pre- and post-binding enterprise risk assessment to quantify risk in support of cyber insurance policies for critical infrastructure and other industries. Moving forward, “We will continue to refine our enterprise assessment and other services to provide the best value and support to our customers and help them protect their vital assets from unpredictable, modern threats,” concludes Doherty.

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Sean Doherty, President & Founder

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