Tsunami: Creating Collaborative Workspaces for Immersive Training Experiences

Alex Hern, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Do professionals remember everything that they learn in a training session? In most cases, they do not. However, in manufacturing industry or other settings where usage of machinery, tools or software is crucial, organizations need to ensure that every detail communicated to trainees is understood and remembered by them to ensure operational efficiency. California-based Tsunami, Inc. makes this possible with extended reality (XR) creating an immersive experience for professionals. “When you have immersive technologies like XR you feel like a machine or equipment is actually in front of you and do everything as if you were in front of the real piece of equipment on the manufacturing floor,” explains Anthony Duca, Chief Product Officer of Tsunami.

Creating such experiences helps manufacturing firms address the challenge of knowledge retention. Especially in a phase when various countries will have a large section of population retiring soon and fresh graduates coming in, it’s essential that organizations conduct trainings crafting an immersive training environment. Tsunami brings a capable training solution—Human-+—which eases such situations by enabling faster knowledge transfer. It creates a training setup comprising an immersive and digitally persistent space that provides a 3-dimensional virtual representation of the physical world. Further, this solution allows the individuals to create or import CAD models through an intuitive feature to animate objects while keeping all the participants engaged. The uniqueness of Tsunami’s cost-effective XR solution is its compatibility with any device. Additionally, the solution accommodates data obtained from disparate sources alongside providing a virtual whiteboard for explaining concepts.

A major differentiating factor of this offering is its ability to create a collaborative and persistent co-present space, where multiple people can be joined in using any device or even an XR headset. “One can have a full training environment setup that people can go and join, talk to each other, and train and learn in this new collaborative way,” adds Duca. Also, unlike online conferencing, anything aired in this immersive space stays there until the next person enters.

Another key offering, Tsunami Studio enables an individual to author training modules and publish them in the virtual workspace.
Anthony Duca, Chief Product Officer
This innovative feature allows the user to add instructions to the training sequence while onboarding participants using multiple VR devices such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Each participant in the workspace is allowed to watch CAD-animated simulation models and, interact in realtime. All interactions are saved to a journal and, at any point, a participant can interactively review the entire history of what transpired in the digital workspace.

Tsunami’s AR/VR technologies have been a solution to concerns pertaining to collaboration and training of various stakeholders

Currently, the company’s clients include some of the major aerospace and defense firms, the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, and global energy companies. According to Alex Hern, the Founder and CEO, “Tsunami is working with these companies to improve training effectiveness, reduce defect rates by as much as half or more, and improve operational productivity from design, to assembly, to in-the-field maintenance and repairs.”

To continue delivering such capabilities to customers, Tsunami is continuously investing their resources to enhance and automate the computing capability of devices by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). “We envision abundant opportunities to integrate AI with these immersive technologies to predict if professionals are able to understand or implement correctly,” says Duca.

The firm’s roadmap looks promising as they plan to add more features to their product portfolio. With AI and Internet of Things being employed in immersive devices with increased 3-D computing capability in modern GPUs, the firm seeks to explore growth opportunities and contribute more to this emerging virtualized workspace.


Carlsbad, CA

Alex Hern, Founder & Chief Executive Officer and Anthony Duca, Chief Product Officer

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