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Matthew Atwater, Co-Founder & CEO
In the battle for digital supremacy, organizations across industries are making a beeline for emerging technologies. Clearly, cloud, AI, and blockchain have all traversed from “hype to reality” and are mainstays in all businesses. However, it is time to shift focus to the elephant in the room—the value trapped in technology investments.

While organizations are pouring extensive time and resources into securing advanced technologies, more often than not the returns fail to commensurate with the size of the investments made. According to Matthew Atwater, co-founder and CEO of Tsunami Tsolutions, a turnkey business solutions provider for the aerospace industry, most businesses lack the deep domain expertise required to unleash the full potential of the latest technologies.

Having catered to the aerospace sector for close to two decades, today, Tsunami Tsolutions is the go-to service provider for top-of-the-line IT solutions, business and consulting services, and engineering support. The company is making a mark with its team of skilled data scientists and subject matter experts that empower OEMs, MRO organizations, and government agencies to unlock the complete value of technology. “We help clients turn their technology investments into a competitive advantage or rather an intellectual property, positioning them at the leading edge,” adds Atwater.

Whether a client is looking to implement a new technology or scale their existing architecture, Tsunami Tsolutions offers a full spectrum of solutions. A common challenge plaguing most legacy organizations currently is the plight of the siloed systems. These individual units perform important transactional functions but fail to talk to each other. Tsunami Tsolutions brings to bear their expertise in systems integration and provides a single view of information and actionable business intelligence, all in real time. “In every step we follow a holistic approach. All our endeavors are directed at how a client can leverage their data or their systems to the maximum through a digital workflow that has been validated by the client,” remarks Atwater.
Given Tsunami Tsolutions’ superior domain knowledge and unconventional thinking, the company has a growing clientele and is considered on par with corporate giants in the aerospace consulting domain. Needless to say, when a client wanted more insights into their financial structure, Tsunami Tsolutions had the perfect solution. They used supervised machine learning techniques to create a unique financial planning model based on historical data sets. Soon, the client had access to valuable insights that helped make accurate long and short term predictions for their program cost. Equipped with better information, ultimately, the client was able to achieve substantial savings in terms of money and time as they had a clearer idea of where to put their energy and investments.

All our endeavors are directed at how a client can leverage their data or their systems to the maximum

Presently, Tsunami Tsolutions is investing heavily in R&D to further cement their capabilities in AI, machine learning, and blockchain. The company is in talks with ERP software and cloud providers and is also coordinating with government entities to design new innovations that can be leveraged across the aerospace and defense space globally.

Reflecting on Tsunami Tsolutions’ journey so far, it is inspiring how far Atwater and his firm have come. What started off as a venture from an attic, dealing with only documentation solutions for the aerospace industry, today features a host of services in its arsenal, from configuration and project management to data analysis, inventory management, and much more. “We realized early on that when you combine business acumen with a strong technology understanding the outcome is state-of-the-art tools that can work wonders. At Tsunami Tsolutions this is exactly where our forte lies and our customers were quick to pick upon our value proposition,” ends Atwater.

Tsunami Tsolutions

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Matthew Atwater, Co-Founder & CEO

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