tTech: Efficient and Cost-Effective Security Strategies

Edward Alexander, CEO
Of late, organizations— both startups and large-scale enterprises alike—in developing countries have become easy targets for hackers, owing to their loosely-based security strategies that are sometimes limited to the basics of securing a perimeter and anti-virus software. Particularly, internal security is something that gets sidetracked during their cybersecurity design and planning phase. One company that is responding to this underserved market is tTech, a Jamaican firm that is on a mission to educate and endow organizations with the right security policies, architecture, processes, and expertise. With a rich security portfolio that covers the full spectrum of security services including awareness training, intrusion prevention systems, internal vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, anti-malware system management and firewall administration, tTech is at the forefront of providing outsourced Information Technology (IT) solutions to businesses in Jamaica.

Under the leadership of Edward Alexander, CEO of tTech, the team has been spreading the word about the importance and value of strong security paradigms to their clients through seminars and workshops with both business managers and IT professionals. With its unique approach, tTech’s experts begin with analyzing their client’s infrastructure and business needs to identify the potential business impact of identified vulnerabilities. “Rather than just going to the customer with a standard solution, we design a security solution that will cater to their unique business needs,” explains Alexander. While dealing with specific products, tTech focuses on being vendor-agnostic. “Even if it is a product that we may not have in-depth knowledge of, we support our client’s efforts to get it implemented, as long as the solution satisfies their needs and improves their security posture,” adds John Gibson, Senior IT Security officer at tTech.

The company’s services are not limited to providing guidance but extend to its use of open source and cloud-based solutions which allows tTech to provide affordable security services to its clients. For example, tTech uses open source and internally developed tools to provide affordable vulnerability assessments which identify internal weaknesses within networks, operating systems, end-user devices, applications, and web servers.

As a team, we develop ourselves and get certified to be the unparalleled experts in this arena

After analyzing the vulnerabilities, the firm provides the right solutions and advice for its clients to mitigate these vulnerabilities to improve their security posture.

In light of the increase in cybersecurity breaches that surface the headlines every other day, enterprises are beginning to strengthen their security framework by implementing security in depth solutions. To assist their clients to achieve their objectives, tTech uses a combination of policies, procedures, technology and awareness training to offer a superior class of network and data protection.

Underpinning the success of tTech is Alexander’s unrelenting passion for providing world class services to customers, and since opening its doors in 2006, tTech has been assisting and guiding various leading organizations in the region on enhancing their security. The company’s flourishing ten-year presence in the industry culminated in January 2016 when tTech became the first Jamaican IT company to list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

tTech focuses on ensuring that its seasoned team understands the requirements of each customer and the importance of offering the right service to each client. It educates and trains the team regularly to keep pace with the ever-changing cybersecurity arena. “As a team, we develop ourselves and get certified to be the unparalleled experts in this arena. Our team of professionals who are enthusiastic and eager to take on new challenges keeps us motivated and engaged,” concludes Alexander.


Kingston, Jamaica

Edward Alexander, CEO and John Gibson, Senior IT Security Officer

Provides comprehensive and affordable cybersecurity strategies to businesses