TTG International: Integrating Malleable CM Solutions for Adept Network Operations

Mehmet Beyaz, CTO
In a fast growing business domain, organizations require the ability to establish and maintain consistency of their product's performance. Therefore, the better Configuration Management (CM) solutions they implement, higher are their chances in meeting the ever increasing challenges in their network. However, to achieve seamless CM, enterprises need expertise in designing useful, time-saving applications, and algorithms that help operators to keep the parameters under control which is not a trivial task. “The underlying idea is to simply automate difficult human centric, slow, and routine procedures into easy and quick steps for the operator or vendor,” states Mehmet Beyaz, CTO, TTG International. Known for its unique expertise as a solution provider for the telecom companies, TTG International eliminates common hurdles with its CM solutions that closely monitor the size of the CM domain and adapt it accordingly to the demand by adjusting the underlying algorithms and the dimension of the database to get the best performance and most reliable results for its users.

TTG International ultimately aims to reduce the burden of operators that are working in a heterogeneous network environment where the trend CM automation is rampant. The company’s network configuration solution equips the multi-vendor and multi-technology mobile operators with the ability to efficiently administer various vendors and technology network configuration settings. It also provides helpful insights about the overall call process to aid engineers in tackling the degradations and formulate strategic decisions. TTG has a strong foothold in the market and uses its extensive operator/ vendor experience to understand ways to help operators’ and vendors’ operations using innovative tools. The company’s association with some of the leading telecom corporations such as Vodafone stands as a testament to the functionality and applicability of its solutions.

One of TTG’s core offerings—CMEx or the Configuration Management Expert platform, is an automated solution that plays the predominant role in Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning.

CMEx or the Configuration Management Expert platform, is an automated solution that plays the predominant role in Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning

The CMEx assembles multiple data sources irrespective of the client's vendor and technological preferences within the mobile operator's network, enabling both engineering and operations departments to monitor the network consistency in detail. This helps to discover hidden configuration problems that may cause the poor performance and optimize or fix them before a fault or customer complaints arise. “For example, wrong parameter values in neighbor relations between any two RNC/BSC can make handover impossible, causing a call connection to drop,” says Beyaz. “These errors need quick and automatic detection and correction in order to avoid the drop from happening multiple times for the same subscriber in the same area. With CMEx these instances are taken care of,” he adds.

Besides fostering an innovative culture, TTG operates in a positive environment that encourages development and construction of a wide range of innovative tools and solutions. “Our workforce which comprises of both senior engineers and talented and promising youngsters, bring in innovation and growth to the organization,” beams Beyaz and concludes by saying that, “In the future, TTG will be taking bigger steps in the software and telecom industry with new releases that are built with the next generation technologies in mind which we know will be valuable for operators.”

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Mehmet Beyaz, CTO

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