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Brendan P. Caulfield, COO
Few people—if any—saw it coming; the rising tide of AWS that changed the business world with its virtual servers, application hosting capabilities, and scalable web services. Yet despite its escalating success, the lack of knowledge around AWS and its puzzled pay-as-you-go model have hampered its overall acceleration, causing enterprises to rethink on AWS deployment. The industry needs a simple AWS migration and implementation roadmap, paved by reliable engineers that can enable firms to reap maximum benefits from AWS. However, the business world lacks AWS specialized engineers who can help enterprises migrate from on-premise servers to the cloud and ensure growth by huge margins. “Whenever we engage with new customers, we often see their internal knowledge of cloud implementation in its infancy,” delineates Brendan P. Caulfield, Co-Founder, and COO, Turing Group. To eliminate this norm, the Chicago, IL based Turing Group has assembled certified engineers under its roof who possess deep technical expertise in provisioning and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. “As an Advanced Consulting Partner in the biosphere of Amazon’s Managed Service Partners, we assist firms in AWS migration, proactive monitoring, billing, automating applications executions, and helping our clients see the deep value of an AWS infrastructure that goes beyond the basics,” beams Caulfield.

Turing Group’s leadership is composed of industry veterans that include the company’s CEO, Eric Dynowski, an AWS certified engineer with over two decades of experience. Together, Caulfield and Dynowski spearhead AWS initiatives, from plan to implementation, empowering organizations to take a leap from their legacy infrastructure to cloud platforms. “It is a huge differentiator for us as we bring resilient engineering, deep corporate IT experience, and quality solutions to today’s prevalent business problems,” affirms Caulfield. “It stems from our decades of experience combined with AWS that allow us to ensure success and growth for our customers in the computation driven world of today.”

Another key difference Turing Group holds compared to other MSPs is its line of software products and development services and suite of policies, which are built on the bedrock of AWS platform. “We have tools developed to simplify all of Amazon’s web services whether it is basic relational database services or mature Amazon Lambda,” says Caulfield.

It is a huge differentiator for us as we bring resilient engineering, deep corporate IT experience, and quality solutions to today’s prevalent business problems

This array of solutions and services tailored by Turing Group helps customers better understand AWS metrics and make educated decisions to troubleshoot complex problems.

To give a glimpse into their expertise, Caulfield reckons a recent AWS project where the company worked with Metra— the commuter rail division of the Illinois Regional Transportation Authority— to solve their scalability issues. “On a normal day, Metra commutes hundreds of thousands of people, managing their data through traditional servers. But during occasions such as World Series, it was an uphill battle for the commuter railroad to manage millions of commuters,” explains Caulfield. The client had to purchase extra hardware and servers to manage the spikes. “With our AWS experience and related software, we built a system for Metra to fulfill their elastic capacity needs as per the demand,” adds Caulfield. With Turing Group’s support, Metra is now managing ridership spikes to millions of commuters on regular basis by leveraging the systems they have built on top of AWS and without the need to purchase and maintain costly infrastructure that sits dormant much of the time.

Today, Turing Group is largely based in Chicago, where the company is focused on the commercial, and public sectors. In the future, while Turing Group will continue to expand its presence in the Chicago area, the company will also aim to extend its services to large public and commercial organizations throughout the Midwest and the country, in general. From the AWS perspective, Turing Group will lay emphasis on hiring and building resilient engineers, while leveraging their experience in corporate IT, that can bring out-of-the-box solutions to the client’s table and help them grow and achieve success through well-designed and thoughtfully implemented technology solutions.

Turing Group

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Brendan P. Caulfield, COO

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