Turn: Simplifying Marketing

Bill Demas, President and CEO
Consumers today spend a majority of their time connected to the internet through various devices. With brands fighting for their attention, marketing is becoming tougher by the day. However, the numerous online consumer interactions are also a boon for marketers, as they create a gold mine of data which when used wisely can be of unparalleled value.

Making sense of this high volume of data is a rather daunting task. Turn makes the job easier for companies by providing real-time insights that transform the way leading advertising agencies and marketers make decisions. Their cloud applications and Internet-scale architecture work together to provide a complete picture of customers, execute cross-channel campaigns, and connect with a worldwide ecosystem of over 100 partners.

Based in Redwood City, California, Turn delivers software that simplifies data management and executes cross-channel media campaigns to improve the performance of customers' marketing initiatives. The company combines marketer data, along with data from premium third-party partners, to provide actionable consumer insights.
Turn assures superior campaign performance that delivers better ROI than any other marketing platform. One large consumer advertiser has experienced 80 percent YoY revenue growth for three straight years, and attributes this outstanding performance to their use of the Turn platform.

With Turn's revolutionary platform, clients get one-click access to the right mix of data, inventory, and technology vendors for any marketing objective. Marketers can think big, while retaining the ability to deep-dive into any component and optimize it for best performance. Turn's platform is truly unique as it is the only marketing platform with analytics, data management, media execution capabilities on a unified infrastructure. Marketers get the ability to build digital advertising strategies, then immediately execute them with no data loss and no wasted time.

Turn aims to empower marketers to use data strategically. "As more advertising channels become addressable and connected to the internet we want to be the platform that enterprises trust to enable that," says Bill Demas, President and CEO, Turn.


Redwood City, CA

Bill Demas, President and CEO

A provider of software that simplifies data management and executes real-time bidding to improve the performance of their client’s advertising initiatives.