Turn-key Technologies, Inc.: Expert Networking and Duress System Solutions

Craig Badrick, President & CEO
Long before the coinage of “Wi- Fi,” Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) had been providing wireless networking services and voice solutions to customers in healthcare by leveraging telephony and an impeccable background in RF and wireless communications. The move to WiFi was predicated by wireless telephony starting to ride the Wi-Fi backbones installed in many hospitals. “In order for our telephony solutions to work properly, we quickly realized we needed to use our wireless experience to properly design and install the wireless network. As we became more successful with Wi-Fi, our customers wanted us to look at other parts of their network. We did it in reverse compared to what traditional networking companies had done, moving from Wi-Fi to selling edge switching, doing data center work, and network peripherals. Today, we are a full-service IT company with expertise in everything to do with networking, while maintaining the connection to our wireless roots,” says Craig Badrick, CEO, TTI.

Incorporated in 1991, NJ-based TTI provides the best in class wired and wireless networking, security, and duress system solutions. With the IoT exploding, the real challenge lies in network security and how to efficiently protect a multitude of devices on a single network. Malware, ransomware, software vulnerabilities, wearables, and cloud services are all becoming more commonplace and need to be addressed through appropriate policies, security solutions, and proper education.

What gives TTI a distinctive advantage over the competition is their expertise, with the certifications to back it up, and their customer relationships. “Understanding RF is something that a typical networking company struggles with, and we don’t,” Badrick extols. One of TTI’s main selling points is the fact that they don’t charge their customers for their consultative services for the entire first year after an installation, providing them with unlimited access to their technical assistance center.

TTI operates on a consultative and customer-focused approach. “Our services can range from a simple consultation to the overall assessment, design, installation and support of the network.

Understanding RF is something that a typical networking company struggles with, and we don’t

Many industries have limited funding. So the challenge is figuring out how to stretch the customer’s budget for 5-6 years, as opposed to refreshing the network every 2-3 years,” explains Badrick.

An example of TTI’s work includes incorporating their emergency communication system with their long-term customer, the NJ-based Holy Name Medical Center, which alerts their code blue team in case of patients having cardiac arrests, which is still being utilized by them 20 years later. Holy Name also used TTI for their 802.11ac wireless network, next generation firewall, and wireless telephony solution.

In addition to a full service networking solutions portfolio, TTI also boasts TTI Guardian, a state of the art duress, lone worker, and wireless communications system. It is completely scalable and applicable in multiple industries, including healthcare, government, and educational institutions. Furthermore, TTI has an in-house cable and cable accessories, manufacturing and distribution division, making it a true end-to-end provider.

“The one thing that we pride ourselves on is that the customer is always first,” connotes Badrick. TTI has been widely recognized and awarded for their outstanding customer service, which further confirms the company’s work ethic and approach that are “100 percent customer-focused,” as Badrick points out.

As TTI forges into the future, they are actively looking for the right acquisition(s) for geographical expansion. Having customers in all 50 states of the U.S. and all over the world, “We are growing in double digits year-by-year, and I do not see that slowing down,” concludes Badrick.

Turn-key Technologies, Inc

Sayreville, NJ

Craig Badrick, President & CEO

Provides wired and wireless networking, security, and duress system solutions

Turn-Key Technologies, Inc