TurnKey Solutions: Successful Test Automation Requires More than Just Cutting-edge Software

David Milette, VP of Global Sales Engineering
TurnKey Solutions talks about why the right solution starts with the right people and process

In a world where complex software applications determine day-to-day operational success, the question of Quality Assurance is paramount. As David Milette, VP of Global Sales Engineering at TurnKey Solutions, attests, “Complex ERP/CRM systems such as Oracle or SAP can become so critical that what was once acquired to help business run more efficiently, ends up becoming essential for the business to properly function.”

There are many viewpoints on this, but QA is essentially how we mitigate software risks for the business and its clients. David explains that, “QA acts as a gate between IT and the business, ensuring that deployment into the production landscape does not disrupt day-to-day operations.”

Given the complexity and variety of today’s business processes across applications, a manual approach to QA testing is no longer practical it’s inefficient, expensive and prone to error. To maintain a competitive edge (and happy end users), a cost-effective, agile and adaptable end-to-end testing automation strategy is essential to the success of any business.

But what some don’t fully understand is that effective testing is much more than just the right testing automation software. Milette explains, “The reality is that there is a proven path to ongoing success when deploying an automated framework. Naturally, different tool-sets require different best practices and team structures.” This is where a company like TurnKey delivers value much greater than the sum of its cutting-edge software.

TurnKey, a global HP partner, combines unique next-gen automation technology with a personalized, consultative approach. Their cFactory software applies scriptless, drag-and-drop capabilities to simplify, extend and evolve an organization’s test automation process. But as David Milette points out, “The tool is nothing more than what it is a tool. Realizing the value depends on end user proficiency along with a deep understanding by team members on how to best leverage its capabilities.” This is where the TurnKey team truly shines, taking time to understand each client’s challenges and realities, and providing a fully integrated software and service approach that is focused on client success.

Reality is that there is a path to the successful deployment and ongoing maintenance of an automated framework

One example of TurnKey’s dedication to this comes from Almac, a contract pharmaceutical research organization. Their team of over 3,300 people provides integrated drug development and research and manufacturing services to approximately 600 pharmaceutical clients globally, including many well-known industry leaders.

Almac’s ERP solution functions as the backbone of their business supporting everything from research and project management to distribution and finance while ensuring tight control of process and operations. Because so much depends on the optimal application usage, all changes require extensive, end-to-end testing.

Prior to implementing TurnKey, Almac had a manual approach to testing software changes costing them time, money and impacting quality. After selecting them as a key testing automation partner, Almac worked with TurnKey’s Customer Success team to ensure flawless transition from the previous manual approach to the cFactory Script less testing solution and Oracle Accelerator.

According to Shauna Quinn, Software Test Manager for Almac, “Turnkey’s team was incredibly supportive. They helped us throughout the implementation and were always there when we needed them.” In addition to a dedicated training and education expert, TurnKey assigned a subject matter expert to manage the effort and ensure successful adoption.

DavidMilette reflects on this approach by saying, “Software testing technology has evolved exponentially in 20 years, from mostly manual to full-fledged automated frameworks. After working with hundreds of organizations, I know that one thing is constant working in a team approach and following implementation methodology best practices is crucial to achieving long-term testing automation success.”

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David Milette, VP of Global Sales Engineering

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