TurnKey Solutions: The Next Gen Platform: Application Aware Scriptless Testing

Daniel Gannon, President & CEO
The explosion of new technologies, including web, cloud, and mobile, enables businesses to offer significant new value to end users. Leading organizations are tapping into the power of these technologies through innovative applications that create additional touch points to improve business efficiencies and enhance service. But with increased opportunity comes the potential for increased risk. Ensuring applications are fully tested before they are released in the market is imperative.

The advent of “access anywhere” solutions and their growing importance in the market is putting huge pressure on organizations. It is compelling them to look for technologies that can handle the exponential increase in testing complexity for business critical applications and platforms, while keeping quality and agility intact. “Various vendors in the testing space provide a partial solution, but fail to deliver technology that is holistic in its approach,” says Daniel Gannon, President and CEO, TurnKey Solutions. “We’ve adopted a different way of looking at it.”

TurnKey Solutions provides a combination of adaptive, agile technologies and deep expertise in managing independent application tests, as well as streamlining more complex ERP/ CRM systems and end-to-end business flows. With its intelligent solutions, TurnKey eliminates the time and effort typically required for manual testing processes, empowering customers to deliver applications to market faster, more accurately, and at lower cost.

TurnKey cFactory, the company’s flagship testing platform, is designed to accelerate software delivery by eliminating the cost and complexity of test automation. Built to support a wide range of enterprise applications, cFactory assists organizations in creating a fully automated test environment. It supports virtually any underlying technology or platform, from complex Oracle and SAP environments to the latest web and mobile apps. Application Accelerators are also available to provide pre-built content and test cases for the most complex ERP systems. The solutions leverage reusable test components through a simple drag-n-drop interface, so that even business users can validate applications without expensive, time-consuming IT intervention.

The software enables testers to automatically detect and identify changes in applications and update a full suite of functional tests; this is done without having to search through and manually maintain each test scenario.
“We offer a very continuous process where automated testing is always consistent with the latest updates. The software helps businesses stay compatible with their applications regardless of the complexity,” adds Gannon.

TurnKey recently worked with a life sciences organization that was facing challenges in managing its various systems. The company managed a broad portfolio of packaged, third-party and in-house applications that ran the supply chain and critical business functions. Due to the inter-dependencies of the company’s various systems, the organization soon discovered that the manually created script-based tests were rapidly becoming obsolete as new updates to software were being made available.

We offer a very continuous process where automated testing is always consistent with the latest updates. The software helps businesses stay compatible with their applications regardless of the complexity

After implementing the TurnKey solution, the organization was able to efficiently and cost-effectively support core business process change through successful end-to-end application tests. The TurnKey team also built out a complete library of tests, offering a model that proved the ability to automatically execute tests for its supply chain applications. All TurnKey reusable components, test cases, and test data were saved directly and tracked from inside the current ALM testing platform.

TurnKey is committed to keeping its products, software, and services perfectly aligned with the ever-evolving requirements of today’s industries. “The pace of technology, change, and competition dictates that businesses should be more responsive to the market, if they don’t want to end up losing customers,” says Gannon. The company continues to adopt the latest trends in testing, including support for DevOps and Agile application development.

TurnKey Solutions

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Daniel Gannon, President & CEO

TurnKey Solutions develops, sells, trains, and implements the industry’s only data-driven, HP Certified, scriptless test automation platform for Application Lifecycle Management